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The cost of the Apple iPhone 8 in Russia will be over 100 000

All those who thought that the new Apple iPhone 8 will be not just expensive, but very expensive, they were right – it will be the most exclusive mobile phone from Apple in its history, and for the same money it is possible to buy a great gaming laptop.

Some will even be able to buy with that money first car for themselves or their children because of cost Apple iPhone 8 will be as much as 110 000. Yes, as many as one hundred and ten thousand rubles for the phone with a bitten Apple and edge-to-edge screen, but it’s the cost of the top-end configuration with 512 GB of internal memory. The announcement of Apple iPhone 8 will take place on September 12, and there will be three versions of it, where the other two carry the 128 and 256 GB of memory, and are, respectively, 89 and 99 000 000 rubles respectively, which is not so little.
According to preliminary data, Russia entered the second wave of sales of the new smartphone, and this means that you can buy it in online stores will only three weeks after the announcement, not before. Meanwhile, the new Apple iPhone 8 you can always make a reservation – it can be done already from 15 September, not to stand in queues and not be afraid that the color you want in the sale will not appear. However, the cost of the mobile phone is not a crisis, and already now it is possible to predict not the high sales in our country.

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