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The coolest home-road vehicles. Video

Самые крутые дома-внедорожники. ВидеоThe price of the most expensive house on wheels reaches three million dollars.

To travel and live around the world with ease, easily and possibly your own transport, if this is a luxurious mobile home on wheels with all facilities. YouTube channel “Robo-Top” ‘ve gathered a selection of the top 10 coolest and most expensive buses, trailers, truck, SUV, or RV in the world.

10. Entegra Coach Cornestone 45 DLQ – 464 000 $

He could easily replace the usual home that you can carry around the world. This mobile home is equipped with all necessary: kitchen, bathroom and shower, a bar and a cosy bedroom. To live and walk on the road in this luxury bus is a pleasure.

9. Country Coach Magna 630 – 495 000 $

This is a Deluxe bus which has a very cool exterior and interior design. Storage furniture is made of walnut. Here you can also find a sofa, large bed and chairs, sink and dryer, dining area and hallway are tiled. In addition the bus is equipped with solar panels installed on the roof. Under the hood of the car, has an engine output of 600 horsepower.

8. UNICAT Amerigo International – 500 000 $

He is among the ten most expensive homes-RVS. For strength and safety, this residential SUV has no equal. This van is also equipped with solar panels, and tank, which holds up to 3218 kilometers.

7. Monaco Dynasty 45P – 586 000 $

It is a luxury, with a length of 13 meters. It provides six sleeping comfortable seats, and the interior is made with the latest modern fashion trends. Floor porcelain tiles, and the furniture is made of natural, exclusive cedar. Such transport — the dream of any tourist.

6. Newmar King Aire – 739 000 $

This house on wheels is made using the latest technology, and has a truly Royal interior design. Passengers can be confident of their safety, because Newmar King Aire is equipped with a Safety Cruise system, which prevents any collision with a number of passing vehicles and helps the driver to drive under difficult weather conditions.

Country Coach Prevost 5 – 1 000 000 $

Wish to buy this luxurious and comfortable home on wheels, you will have to pay $ 1 million. New durable tires, elegance and sophistication, a sleek stainless steel case, in General the most expensive materials, and it is not surprising, because the price is one million dollars!

4. Foretravel IH-45 – 1 300 000 $

The most luxurious and expensive motorhome from a company that has been producing buses mansions since 1967. This released model belongs to the class Suite, and is striking in its uniqueness and exclusivity. The height of this van is 3.8 metres, making it the highest in its class, and offers panoramic views for passengers and driver.

3. Prevost H3-45 VIP 1 600 000 $

This is one of the most spacious and high buses for travel and housing. Its absolute height is almost 4 meters. The design is made of durable and lightweight material that gives extra speed the car home, but at the same time, will protect from any circumstances. The price pays off great functionality and space, making Prevost H3-45 VIP one of the most luxurious motorhomes in the world.

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus – 2 500 000 $

Here the luxury and magnificence in every detail: ceilings manufacturer decorated with Swarovski crystals, steps to climb on Board made of marble and seats trimmed in the finest mother-of-pearl Italian leather. And also silk, antique bronze and onyx, and other incredibly expensive materials, which make this car look like Royal. Inside there is a built-in treadmill.

1. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo – 3 000 000 $

The world’s most expensive house on wheels! The length of the luxury automotive dwellings is 12 metres. About 20 square meters is the area. And there is even floor heating. The top floor is a mobile design: it can increase due to the retractable mechanism on the left side. This house will be able to afford one because of its price, three million!

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