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The commodities business in the country is thriving, non-resource – impoverished

Сырьевой бизнес в стране процветает, несырьевой - нищает

The growth rate of industrial production in 2018 slowed almost to zero

While Rosstat reports a nearly 3% rise in industrial production in the country, surveys of top managers of industrial enterprises suggests otherwise – about the further degradation of the situation in the real sector of the economy. Thus, results monthly issledovaniyeyami analysts of IHS international company Markit in June, business activity in the industry continued to decline: its index

PMI, which estimated the volume of production, employment and new orders fell from 49.8 to 49.5 points and the second consecutive month was below the 50 points that separates growth from contraction. The volume of new orders at factories fell for the first time since July 2016 fell as the number of requests from clients, and the clients themselves. The rate of output growth slowed almost to zero and was the weakest in nearly 2 years. In export orders, an increase was recorded, but its rate was a record low for the last 6 months.

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In addition, a decreased demand for the sixth month in a row and the downsizing of enterprises, and together with the shrinking demand, the industry was faced with steep cost increases, says IHS economist at Markit sian Jones. In addition to the cost of gasoline, because of the April devaluation of the ruble increased the prices of imported raw materials and equipment.

As a result, the inflation of production costs was a record from September 2015. According to the testimony of the analyst Kirill Tremasov continues to die off and the non-oil sector, while exporters of natural resources are hoarding profits, not associated with oil and gas pipe companies can’t get out of the financial hole.


In January-April profit oil and gas corporations soared by half (to a rate of 1.018 trillion) in the mining sector – by 1.6 times (up to 1.3 trillion rubles). The tariff increase allowed to earn 16% more companies that sell electricity and heat.

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The non-oil sector remained at this celebration of life stranger: the profit of the agricultural organizations have fallen 25.1% (to 78.6 billion roubles), manufacturing – by 3.6% (to 849 billion).

The whole construction industry, which employs more than 40 thousand organizations, 4 months earned only 8,2 billion roubles, or 0.2% of the total profits in the economy.

A further blow to non-oil business will be to increase the tax burden, warns the Director of the Center for market research HSE George Ostapkovich: due to the increase in VAT to 20% will be the first high – and srednetagelaya manufacturing industries, where there is a high proportion of expenditure on intermediate consumption.

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