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The bride Kozlowski pursues his fan

Невесту Козловского преследует его фанаткаLove the fan does not live in peace Ramine Achakzai and Vitaly Kozlovsky.

In early March, Vitaly Kozlovsky made a proposal of marriage to his girlfriend – ex-participant of the project “the Bachelor” Ramine Achakzai. But as it turned out, not so simple in the life of public people. Hearts Vitali achieves his devoted fan, who after the news of his impending marriage is quite permissible boundaries crossed.

On his page in Instagram Ramin wrote a story about an annoying fan girl to her future husband: “Guys, I need advice! One long-time fan of Vitaly very much in love with him and blames me for the fact that everything can not let her be with him, including I) All anything, but recently she has created my fake account and wrote nasty things, blames nedorabotannost, ruining my reputation, etc. Even sent my photos to some fortune-teller with the request to help to solve personal problems …WTF?? I love it. I Direct people to send these wonderful scans of correspondence on my behalf and makes me feel somehow uncomfortable. Here’s what to do? To score? Or take some action?Okay fake pages and insults, but with fortune-tellers – too much. Dear fan, if you’re reading this – congratulations, your moment has come! P. S: sorry if misspelled, are in the path and write the text.”

Subscribers were advised to calm down and not to pay attention, because Vitaly Kozlovsky lovers fans much more than Ramina can imagine.

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