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The blogger showed the “crowd” at a rally for the victims in Russia. Video

Блогер показал "массовку" на митингах по погибшим в РФ. ВидеоTo meetings instead of working.

In Russia, the same Pro-Kremlin activists of “Antimiani” is consistently present at the funeral service, grief share, and at events in different cities against the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny and Mikhail Kasyanov.

About it writes Russian blogger ivy.

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And further analysis of the videos where you can see the same people.

Already at 41 seconds you can see a man very similar to the former leader “Rumola”, now activist “Antimaydana” Anton Demidov.

Блогер показал "массовку" на митингах по погибшим в РФ. Видео

A video posted on the channel of the project “60 seconds”, which is not the first activists of the movement “Intimidad”, which are designated as “grieving Muscovites lay flowers there.”

Here they mourn the Ambassador of Russia to Turkey Andrei Karlov. Demidov on the video from the first frame.

But they already honor the memory of the Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

Activist “Antimaydana” Catherine Fedonkina could not resist and put yourself in the VC video with TV report, which came.

Блогер показал "массовку" на митингах по погибшим в РФ. Видео

“People simply love sorrow, know, practice. The case put on stream, to play go, how to work. These people defends Soloviev, for these people fit the channel Russia-24. That I insulted his rude remark about what they have in their hands the same of cloves,” he said.

However, the Ukrainian blogger Ibigdan writes about driven the rally budget.

“Yesterday, the people did not believe/were astonished at the screenshot from the forum, which gathered “mourners for 400 rubles” at the concert dedicated to the memory of the dead in St. Petersburg. (concert, Carl!). So that’s not all. The Kremlin for television images of mass grief it took to banish the Manege forced state employees. In the video, the workers of one of Moscow state Unitary enterprises celebrated the supervisor on arrival to oskorblenie and receive inventory. After the memorial concert, the public sector was to lay flowers at the stele of Leningrad in Alexander garden, but not everyone waited until after the concert – many threw flowers at the Manege”, – he wrote.

“And I don’t even know who’s a big scum – those who organize sorrow for the order or for money, or those who agree to “grieve”, – the blogger notes.

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