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The area of the ATO: the situation on the front lines deteriorated

Зона АТО: ситуация на линии фронта резко ухудшиласьThe militants used heavy artillery, during the day, the number of attacks has doubled.

Pulling up to the front lines a large batch of heavy weapons, including 152-millimeter artillery, they started to use it, said during a briefing on 2 March, the speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine concerning anti-terrorist operation Colonel Andrei Lysenko, reports Information-analytical center of National security of Ukraine.

ATO forces are firing in response to powerful attacks on occupation troops across the front line. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On Lugansk the direction in Stanichno-Lugansk area in the village Crimson, located halfway from the village of Lugansk in Happiness fire from guns and mortars from the opposite side of the Seversky Donets lasted more than an hour. Later on these same lines and in the Village of Lugansk recorded the provocative attacks of terrorists from small arms.

Novoaydarsky district just after dawn, the occupation forces fired 20 of 122-millimeter artillery projectiles according to the Crimean. Later, the militants fired at Ukrainian military positions from BMP. In addition, in Orehovo on Bakhmutskaya route held a mortar attack on illegal armed groups.

In the Popasnyansky area almost the entire front line from Katerinovka to Novotroitsk militants used tanks. They fired from the occupied Pervomaisk and surrounding villages. Although the number of attacks here was great, most of them lasted up to 30 minutes.

Overall, during the past day in Lugansk direction recorded 20 attacks, nine of which are heavy weapons.

In the direction of Donetsk in Svetlodarsk the arc in the first half of the day occupation troops were firing only from machine guns, not using heavy weapons. However, during the evening twilight, they began a massive mortar shelling, which lasted for at least six hours, firing more than 100 min. Trying to bring disruption in the management of the defense of the ATO forces militants shelled at the same time some strong points, but this tactic was not successful.

In Gorlovka the perimeter of the fighting took place in Sizwe and Novoselivka Druha. Here after sunset, recorded 10 attacks of fighters, two of which were a mortar.

In the area of Avdeevka fighting again moved in an almost non-stop. Here, the occupying troops fired from the Eastern direction (Yasinovataya) and South (Spartacus), massively using mortars, guns and tanks and firing hundreds of munitions. In the area of the Heater and the position of the mine Butovka were several provocations of the militants, but the situation here is much calmer.

In the district of Donetsk airport recorded two attack of terrorists near Nevel and Sands.

In General, on the Donetsk direction recorded 46 attacks by militants, including 21 of the heavy weapons.

On the Mariupol direction in the Maryinsky district after 17:00, occupation forces began a massive mortar shelling of Krasnohorivka. With nearly hundreds of mines in a few hours, the insurgents brought in some extra manpower – a minimum of one mortar battery, tanks and guns. The occupation troops fired from three different places: the village Staromykhailivka and two sites in Donetsk. As a result of attacks of terrorists were injured woman was taken to hospital in Kurakhovo.

In addition, Marinka militants fired with the use of armored vehicles. Under attack here came as a checkpoint of entry-departure.

In the front section of Praskoveevka – Chermalyk terrorists used mortars near Bogdanovka. Additionally, in Chermalyk were two mortar shelling and provocations of illegal armed groups using small arms.

More than 70% of attacks on militants in Mariupol direction presales on the front site Pavlopol, Shirokino. Here the occupying forces massively used 122-millimeter guns and mortars. In the Water there were 12 armed incidents and Hnutove and Shyrokyne – seven. In the same way as under the plant, on this 20-mile stretch of the front issued the number of mines and shells in the hundreds, and ATO forces are actively firing in response.

During the last day in the direction of Mariupol took place on 52 attacks by militants, including 17 of the heavy weapons.

The speaker of the Ministry of defense also confirmed published earlier, the press center of staff ATO information about the deaths over the past day, a Ukrainian military and wounded nine.

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