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That gave the order

За что давали ордена

Relota 5 Department of the Institute of imni “Comintern” I have seen many remarkable individuals. Of course, the most interesting were the leading experts, including (at first) – the heads of the laboratories. It’s brilliant experts-fans-crazy-donkeys. Each of them immensely at the time and the effort worked on his narrow task force electroprecipitation technique on lamps or thyratrons. And, as he thought, the overall results were world-class! Still a little bit of investment and our guys are at CERN and Protvino not have flown past the God particle – the Higgs boson.

In my opinion, all these people were distinguished by a happy combination of ambition, health, and professional talent. Young me difficult to understand, because their externally observable part of the personality was extremely small as the tip of the iceberg.

Unlike today’s the day, good engineers in society, of course, respected. Experts, completely without coercion and with almost no material incentives for working twelve or fourteen hours a day, including Saturdays, but clearly feeling the greatness of the results of their work, become self-sufficient.

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It later appeared cynicism.

For example, I witnessed how the division received after the army party two young men who studied in the evening College. Looks, like normal, healthy boys, but stood out among others in the lack of interest in the profession. They always stood at the toilet, “smoked”, bowing continuously with his superiors, my name. Their behavior I justify the fact that it is really hard to combine work with study, and for your convenience they dubbed Trinity T1 and T2. I sincerely pitied them for their restlessness, but they still managed to finish College.

And that’s just by the time the Institute has formed “an important task of the State”: it was necessary to make the party stand with the portraits of “the people’s favorite Leaders”, and to arrange them in a skillful sequence in relation to the large Central Portrait. With this task masterfully handled T1, and naturally became the most important party member at the Institute, that is one of the crucial Soviet corners of the triangle. He got what he deserved gave the order, who is said to have received sometimes workers “for outstanding achievements in science and industry”.

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What – me sing techies? Still nothing. Swallowed! (I apologize for the erotic metaphors). Noble wrath was not observed. What was it: intelligence, disgusting or slavery? That’s probably just krasnokamenki Russian compote of these components.

And “…there is nothing meaner Russian dumb patience, sloppiness and carelessness…Sorknes every Russian… the zealous authorities – and snot would wash away all this evil… “is a V. P. Astafiev “the Last bow” (I can’t do this, but the bills – my).

About this and similar, see my “Colorful memories”, St. Petersburg

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