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Terrorists driven to the forefront of tons of shells

Террористы везут на передовую тонны снарядовOn the Western outskirts of Donetsk by Russian occupants of cars and trucks being moved ammunition.

In the Mineral district (village in Yasinovatskiy area North of Donetsk) and later in Yasinovataya district to the Western regions of Donetsk occupants during the day and threw the ammunition to MLRS BM-21 Grad, artillery of both calibers of 122 mm and 152 mm as well as mortars. This is stated in the report of group of military experts of Information resistance.

According to the informants of IP on the temporarily occupied territory, this branch supplies terrorists for four or five hours were transferred to 15 trucks of ammunition. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Over the past three days through the miner along the road H-21 recorded the movement of about 70 truckloads of parts and about 30 armored vehicles, including tanks. Of the armored vehicles (at least 20 machines) were deployed at the front edge and under Avdiyivka.

Also, according to the EC, in Donetsk, the transfer equipment (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns) from the Kalininsky district of the city on Mira Avenue and the Avenue of 75th anniversary of FC Shakhtar in the Kievsky prospect. The militants “are taking unprecedented measures” to block for the civilian population areas of the movement of military equipment. Here deployed at least 10 tanks.

At the railway station “Kalmius” (North-West of Makeyevka) occupants unloaded six wagons of ammunition.

Avdiyivka terrorists secretly stepped up a flank defense unit, transferred via Panteleimonivka in Vasilevka and Batmanova (former Red Partisans). According to sources of IP in the position it took eight trucks with fighters and equipment, two tractor and one MTLB BMP-2. Unloading occurred in the area of Yasinovataya in the direction of a Steep Gully.

From Makeyevka Khartsyzk on seven trucks marked “cargo 200”. Earlier in the same area was spotted in the Parking lot 10 trucks with the same lettering on the sides. Future direction – in the direction of the Russian Federation, the agents of intelligence.

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