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Trust in dollar gone – Putin

Traditional reserve currencies like the US dollar and the euro have lost their credibility as a basis for international settlements, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday. “Western countries have undermined the foundations of the global economic system. There is a loss of confidence in the dollar, the euro and …

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Germany doesn’t trust Zelensky – Der Spiegel

Germany has been hesitant in sending tanks to Ukraine to counter Russian forces, due to “historical reasons,” government sources have told Der Spiegel magazine. According to the unnamed officials, there is concern within Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government that Kiev could become over-confident if it achieves a series of victories, and might …

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How many times has the US said ‘just trust us’ and then lied?

In a single day, two members of the American press asking for clarification and evidence from the Biden administration were painted as sympathizers of Russia and ISIS. Efforts by US media to establish objective truth – rather than acting as stenographers for the government and its official narratives – is …

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Can we trust our spies?

When classified intelligence is handed to politicians or the media, it is meant to improve public policy. But as recent accusations against Russia show, it is instead being deployed for propaganda purposes. Whatever the immediate political purpose, its misuse may weaken trust in public institutions. ‘Manui dat cognitio vires’, runs …

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CNN’s Tapper slams government for ‘trust us or ISIS’ message

CNN anchor Jake Tapper has condemned the Biden administration’s suggestion that journalists who don’t trust their claims are siding with terrorists and foreign powers. The US government, he said, has a long history of “lying to the American people.” Two separate incidents sparked Tapper’s condemnation. On Thursday, White House Press …

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Poll reveals how many Germans trust official Covid data

More than half of Germans no longer trust official Covid-19 statistics issued by the country’s disease control and prevention authority, the Robert Koch Institute, a new poll has found. A whopping 57% of those surveyed said they didn’t trust the data, while 32% still deem government figures on the spread …

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