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Ridiculous: a selection “romance” photos

Something went wrong. Date two lovers is a wonderful event filled with love, happiness and warmth. However, judging from these photos, sometimes, during the visits there are very fun and funny moments!Romantic photos do not always turn out the way we would like. Let’s look at a small selection of …

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“Office romance”: how to make a cult film. Photo

This film is still relevant. This movie by Eldar Ryazanov was released 40 years ago and still enjoys incredible popularity among viewers. And the plot, and the movie characters all have long known by heart, but most moviegoers are hardly aware of what footage was not included in the final …

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Romance in funny comics

The delights of family life. Tel Aviv Illustrator, comic artist and designer Yehuda ADI Devir Stowe incredibly truthful comics about the adventures home with his wife Maya. Comics has always been one of the most popular types of entertainment literature. Therefore, the tel Aviv designer was not taken aback and …

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Naomi watts “spun” office romance

Actress Naomi watts is Dating Billy Crodarom, a fellow new series “Gypsy.” Striking blonde Naomi watts in vain does not lose time. It not only works and his two sons 48-year-old actress is now actively satisfied with their personal lives. Recently watts was seen in the company of her colleague …

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As are the actors from “the Office romance”. Photo

Cult film and its characters. Probably, among our subscribers there is no person who would not watch a wonderful film of Eldar Ryazanov’s “Office romance”. Hard to believe that since the filming of this popularly beloved masterpiece has been more than 40 years. Yes, the events of “the Office romance” …

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