Thursday , November 26 2020
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YouTube removes lockdown-sceptical interview with renowned immunologist Dr Mike Yeadon for ‘violating terms of service’

The UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has got many things about the Covid-19 pandemic wrong, says Dr Mike Yeadon. He is an expert in allergy, immunology, and respiratory diseases, with over three decades of experience, including working as Pfizer’s vice president and chief scientific officer. Apparently his …

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Candace Owens calls Cardi B’s Biden interview ‘one of the biggest insults’ to black Americans, sparking a prolonged Twitter feud

Owens posted a video clip on Sunday, in which she called the presidential candidate’s interview with Cardi B “one of the biggest insults” to the black community. She then ripped into the singer’s personality, calling her “illiterate” and saying that her music “contributes to the disintegration of black culture and …

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