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Doctors told how to eat the fries without gaining weight

Potatoes, contrary to all the “horror stories” about it, is a very nutritious and healthy product, which contains a lot of valuable health potassium. But the dishes containing potatoes can cause weight gain. To avoid this, you must use the correct methods of cooking potatoes and its combination with other …

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Why can’t you eat French fries

Experts told about the “benefits” of similar products. French fries is a popular product among Ukrainians, but it is among the most harmful types of food. Offer its readers 5 reasons why you should abandon the use of French fries. 1. It reduces life expectancy If you always use the …

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Scientists said that French fries can kill a person

What consequences can lead the consumption of French fries. Frequent consumption of fried potatoes, a person faces an early death, scientists warn. The international team of experts has studied nutrition and health over four thousand people aged 45 to 79 years. For eight years, died of 236 subjects. The researchers …

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