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Sobchak showed the funny fotozhaby on itself

The candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation placed in the social network funny post Russian journalist and socialite Ksenia Sobchak, which will run for the presidency of the Russian Federation, showed funny fotozhaby on itself. Ironic pictures are related to a possible presidency Sobchak. Pictures published in Instagram. “Choose …

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Fotozhaby on Bulk and sausages filled the Network

Policy on the shoulders of threw a bunch of sausage links. At the Moscow airport “Domodedovo” was attacked by unknown Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny with the bunch of sausage links. About the incident on his website, Navalny said. According to him, the incident occurred when he came out of …

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Funny fotozhaby Zhirinovsky, lounging on the mattress

The odious policies has become a subject of many photoshopped pics. The network has ridiculed the leader of the Russian liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has threatened US seizure of new York. About this in his Twitter wrote “Terrible benderovets”, placing fotozhabu with odious politician on the mattress. “Field Marshal …

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Fotozhaby on the prohibition of Vkontakte from resilient Odessa

Social networks exploded with photos on the theme of the upcoming block social network sites. President Petro Poroshenko in Facebook compared to Korean tyrant, demanding a free and open Internet and complain about censorship. Here is what they write: “Zablocie VC (and even Classmates) – full cretinism. This would even …

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Sparkling fotozhaby on “Bulk-pirate”

In fact, the eye was really damaged after the sensational incident with green paint. Alexei Navalny appeared on the own show in “pirate” patch. Russian opposition leader admitted that his eyes are too sensitive to light, so it must be protected from the lights that burn in the Studio. – …

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Fresh funny fotozhaby on April snowfall

In social networks derided the April snowfall, which took place in Ukraine. The vast majority of the inhabitants of the Eastern part of the country, 19 APR woke up “in the snow”. The inhabitants of the Dnieper, Kharkov and Zaporozhye, opening the window saw the January picture is absolutely, infinitely …

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