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The errors of the architects that caused the disasters. Photo

These mistakes cost too much. We offer our readers at least briefly distracted from domestic problems (which we all know). Here you will find a selection of the most catastrophic collapses of various architectural structures over the last century occurred outside of our country. Cinema “Knickerbocker,” Washington, January 28, 1922 …

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Scientists have learned to predict major world disasters

In the U.S., has developed a method for predicting extreme events around the worldResearchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA) have created an algorithm that can identify patterns that lead to extreme events. “Currently, there is no way to explain when there are these extreme events. But if we …

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The most terrible natural disasters in history. Photo

They brought the countries huge losses. Hurricane “Harvey” has dealt a serious blow to Texas, but the worst may still be ahead, warn forecasters. The disaster has claimed the lives of 5 people and 40 were missing, Houston was left completely without electricity, airports are closed. Bad weather will continue …

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Environmentalists warn about global natural disasters

Humanity still has a few decades to avert disaster After two weeks of hot weather in Ukraine finally the rains came. However, environmentalists warn that every year hot days will grow longer and the thermometer to hit new records. Possible consequences of this warming – shortages of food and water, …

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Invisible river is declared the cause of weather disasters

Invisible atmospheric rivers are streams of water vapor in the gas shell. American psychologists have shown that most extreme weather events observed at middle latitudes of the earth, due to the invisible atmospheric rivers are streams of water vapor in the gas shell. A study published in the journal Nature …

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