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Found anomaly in Antarctica will bring natural disasters on the Earth

Найденная аномалия в Антарктиде принесет природные катастрофы на ЗемлюRevealed the SUPERVOLCANO in the permafrost zone is threatened by a devastating anomalies in the future.

Antarctica is increasingly attracting attention. The reason for this lies in climate change and melting glaciers. Now NASA has set a real reason why this is happening. The thing in the powerful SUPERVOLCANO which is under Antarctica and the power is comparable to Yellowstone. It is because of him the melting ice. It is reported by the Chronicle.Info with reference to Planetanovosti.

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It is located in the district of Mary Land, in the Western part. Proof of this is the geothermal source, which are formed lakes and rivers underneath the ice.

Scientists have found out that geothermal source is part of the volcano, it pushes the hot stream from the depths to the surface. This is evidenced by the magma lake, which warms the rocks and ice, as well as in Yellowstone. Although not all researchers believe that the lake of magma is a direct proof of the existence of the volcano.

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As if there was not, but the melting of ice caused by the hot lake, can seriously appear on the planet’s climate, cause sea level rise, which will go under the water some of the land. However, it would be much worse if the SUPERVOLCANO will rage, then it threatens the Earth by a flood.

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