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Super League: Dnipro equalized in the series with Khimik, Budivelnik re-beat “Mavpy”

Суперлига: «Днепр» сравнял счет в серии с «Химиком», «Будивельник» повторно обыграл «Мавпы»In the championship of Ukraine on basketball continues matches 1/2 final of the playoffs.

Dnipro did not flinch, after two defeats in South team of Denis Zhuravlev won both home games and brought the series to the “Chemist”. In this pair of super League finalist will be determined after the decisive fifth match, scheduled for Saturday, April 15.

Dnipro — Khimik 81:65 (17:21, 23:22, 24:13, 17:9), the account in a series 2:2

Dnepr: Zagreb (16), timofeyenko (14 + 7 rebounds + 6 assists), Mishula (13 + 4 assists).
Chemist: Petrov (18 + 8 rebounds), Smith (13), Konev (8 + 7 rebounds + 5 assists).

“Cherkassk Mavpy” tried to resume the affair in the semifinal match with “Budivelnik”, but the capital of Grand more after the break, coolly played minimal lag. The decisive moment of the match came moments before the final siren – experienced Artur Drozdov put the block-shot Sizov and not let that translate the game into overtime.

Budivelnik — Cherkasy Mavpy 72:70 (16:10, 19:29, 21:13, 16:18), the account in a series 2:0

Budivelnik: Dugat (20 + 7 rebounds + 6 assists + 3 steals), Anisimov (11), fields (11 + 4 losses).
Cherkasy Mavpy: Kobets (17 + 5 rebounds), Chumakov (14), distribution (13).

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