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Super League: Budivelnik took the lead in the final of the playoffs

Суперлига: «Будивельник» вышел вперед в финале плей-оффCapital “Budivelnik” on departure has beaten “the Chemist” and was one win away from a title of the champion of Ukraine on basketball.

Thanks DJ Stephens “Budivelnik” in the first quarter of the third game earned a double-digit advantage. With a lead of 11 points “Builders” went on a big break.

Khimik played a great third quarter, during which the hosts conceded only nine points, and also managed not just to win, but also to come forward. One of the reasons for the protracted leap “Chemist” was the trauma American point guard “Budivelnik” Henry Dugat who left the area after fifteen minutes after the start of the third quarter.

At the beginning of the decisive quarter of the serious loss suffered already “Khimik” – second technical foul, the head coach of owners Vitaly Stepanovski prematurely left the bench. This fact played in favor of “Budivelnik” in Kiev six minutes, holding her ring at the castle and attack during this time managed to break away at a comfortable distance.

On the sixth of may “Chemist” in the South needed to win. Otherwise, Budivelnik will be the champion of Ukraine.

Khimik — Budivelnyk 67:74 (15:26, 23:23, 21:9, 8:16)

Chemist: Smith (26 + 5 rebounds + 8 losses), Konev (13 + 6 rebounds), Lav (9).
Builder: Stephens (25 + 6 rebounds), fields (13), Anisimov (11 + 3 steals).

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