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Super League: Budivelnik equalized in the final of the playoffs

Суперлига: «Будивельник» сравнял счет в финале плей-оффCapital “Budivelnik” in the second match of the finals of the super League defeated “Chemist”.

The beginning of a match did not promise “the Chemist” – no guests missed the jerk 2:14, but thanks to the wonderful game center Vyacheslav Petrov, the big break has gone with a lag of just three points (34:37).

During the third quarter “Chemist” seemed to be able to turn the tide of the match, the guests planted “Budivelnik” on fouls and actively gaining easy points from the penalty line. “Builders” has lost in the far catchy, but on the perimeter at “the Chemist” with the protection of all was in order.

In the final quarter “Chemist” quickly lost its 5-point advantage. Budivelnik also finally believed in themselves and began to break away in the score. Anisimov, Dugat and the company has not allowed the “Chemist” to get back in the game.

The third match of the final series of the championship of Ukraine on basketball will be held in the South on Thursday, may fourth.

Budivelnyk — Khimik 71:64 (17:17, 20:17, 8:16, 26:14), the account in a series 1:1

Budivelnik: Anisimov (17 + 9 rebounds + 5 assists), Otverchenko (16), Dugat (12 + 6 assists).
Chemist: Smith (17 + 5 assists), Davis (15 + 8 rebounds), Love (13 + 4 rebounds).

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