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“Suicide” in the name of Sechin?

«Самоубийство» имени Сечина?

The suspicious “suicide” of billionaire Bosova not even the lack of explanation, and that the speed with which almost all Russian media from the liberal “Novaya Gazeta” to the monstrous “Tsar’grad” were foaming at the mouth to prove this version of his death. There are obvious signs targeted expensive PR campaign designed to convince the public that the billionaire “did it all by myself”, without someone’s help. Last time this happened was after the “suicide” of Berezovsky.

The version about suicide Bosova has no direct evidence, like a suicide note or etc media lead in support of some strange indirect arguments. The alleged Bosses drank a lot and sniffed. If all the cocaine had committed suicide, Russia immediately would have lost much of its ruling class. However, like the characters, no matter how much they drank and smelled usual (you know them) are famous for their love of life. “It would be next to the girls sent to hell shame, just found a some money and not have weakened the appetite” (to quote one of the great “minor” poets of the Silver age Tinyakov). Have Bosova, as you know, with some money and the girls, it was perfect. Assumptions about his suicide is absolutely untenable.

To find out who killed Bosova, need to figure out who pays for the paid services of his “suicide”. Although much can be understood through open sources of information. Have Bosova was the enemy who had tried to take away his multi-million dollar assets. Raider is the Russian No. 1 Igor Sechin, himself. Read the article, published almost a year ago and, apparently ordered by Bodovym (link in the first comment):

“Who attacked a businessman?
(…) Who could not give rest to the business of Dmitry Bosova? Last year Rosnedra have exposed on sale Kolyvanskogo deposits of coal in the Novosibirsk region. It conducts its business Dmitry Bosov. Interest in the plot showed Eduard khudainatov, the head of the company “Neftegazkholding”.
He is considered the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. The former head of Rosneft’s Khudainatov has been seen several times with initiatives in the interests of the companies “Rosneft”. There is a suspicion that private assets Khudainatov can be supported by the state company “Rosneft”. And this is not in any gate not climbing!
Last year Bodovym between Dmitri and Eduard Khudainatov were negotiating about the sale of “Sibantratsita”. And they were able to loom the shadow of Igor Sechin, who apparently decided to enter the coal business. This could indicate a few facts.
The then ex-Deputy head of Rostekhnadzor Svetlana Radionova, read a man of Sechin, was transferred from the curator of the oil business in coal. And about the same time, the structures associated with Rosneft, have bought nearly 19% in the “United wagon company”. It is a major debtor of the Bank “Opening”, which Igor Sechin may have an impact through Elvira Nabiullina. I only had to buy the coal company. And Sechin, apparently liked “Sibantratsit”. (…)
Apparently, Dmitry Bosova was destined to the fate of the head of AFK “Sistema” Vladimir Yevtushenkov, who not to go to prison had to give in 2014 the state “Bashneft…”.

Sechin clearly sharpened the teeth on the bins Bosova. But he strayed, and plant it failed. Then Sechin, probably, resorted to another remedy of the owner of the vending of ownership. Direct evidence for this yet, but there is a simple logic. If in a cage with hardened wolf find the gnawed bones of antelope, the cause of her death is obvious. And this is not a suicide.

Was not very long ago in Russia a bloody showdown at this level. The economic situation is breath-taking. The feeding base of the oligarchy is reduced. Spiders in a jar with hunger again began to eat each other.

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