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Such different students, technicians of the Liap. 6. Kamilevich Yuri

Такие разные студенты - технари ЛИАПа.  6. Хамилевич  Юрий

The main thing for us, the students of Radio engineering faculty of the Leningrad Institute of Aircraft Instrument making of the sixties, was a learning process and our student relationships. But all the social and political realities of those years seemed unambiguous, immutable, beyond our control, and therefore uninteresting. In the Institute we studied the history of the CPSU and the Marxist-Leninist philosophy. These items were scholastic, false and totally divorced from reality. We were treated as inevitable vulgarity, nothing more. “Soviet socialism” seemed hopelessly immutable and eternal. And we believed in its global victory.

In Newspapers I read only those materials that were required for exams. But as they get older we are increasingly interested in problems of social-political movement. More nedopushchenie listen to the radio “Free Europe” and “Voice of America”. Slowly become interested in the sweet heresy of Eurocommunism. The more that began to appear, mostly in German, brochure with alleged criticism of Sartre, Garodi, Marcuse… it Turned out that even the national Newspapers may be of interest if you know how to read between the lines …

In this respect the most advanced and wisest of us was our classmate Yura Kamilevich… in fact, students with similar names to the liap almost did not take. But he saw in the list of results of entrance to the Institute examinations in mathematics against his name “unsatisfactory”, instead of a modest Soviet-style to wipe away the tear that was naive to demand an audit. And then suddenly it turned out that the exposed mark on his work “excellent.” It and accepted. (So even in those days a direct punch in the face “Our” kept not always, and even now nourishes some political optimism…).

Besides the fact that Jura was able just inquisitive student, he was introduced to us many curious political information imparted is not characteristic down-to-earth pragmatic approach to reality. At first it was uncomfortable from it, as I thought I was cynical of priority questions.. why?, why..? on the issues is it true? is it fair..?, how is it fair..? But I have always been a great pleasure to communicate with them, easily understood. Nice to talk with a clever man, and to obtain from him useful information!

Upon graduation, he did a lot of ingeneral in the field of integrated circuit development, has successfully taught for this specialty at the beginning of perestroika became a major administrator, where he tried to resist the collapse of production. Unlike many others, painlessly this went… Never felt like a slave. Why not trahnul to spin with the sons of his business. Changed several types of different activities, but always worked professionally and for pleasure.

Through their originality, enormous flexibility and breadth of thinking was one of the few that was always demanded, not afraid of social change.

And just recently he was gone….May his memory be eternal!

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