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Stylish errors, which are very old. Photo

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. ФотоWith age should stop dressing that way.

With years of acquired habits, which are very difficult to refuse. But time does not stand still, and once your favorite beauty trick can start to work against you.

Warning: visually, you add yourself age if:

1. Break the proportion of

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

When you follow fashion trends, you always need to remember the proportions. If you wear pants free cut, it is better to choose obligasi top or oversized shirt combined with jeans skinny. And most importantly: all things must be the same size. A small thing will create unwanted folds, and too big will look sloppy and hide dignity.

2. Choose accessories in the same range

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

Bag, shoes and belt the same color look very outdated fashion trend (especially if the accessory is present fashionable print). To create a luxurious image, it is sufficient to add one trendy item, and everything else to choose neutral colours.

3. Forget about the belt

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

Baggy clothing prevraschat shape to something shapeless and heavy, adding extra years and pounds, which is not. Make it a habit to seek in any way to the hourglass silhouette, and your image will always be irresistible.

4. Love the retro style

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

Fashion is cyclical, but we should not get stuck in one style for decades. Even such a universal thing, like jeans, can add the age if you do not follow the relevance of the models. For example, flare jeans are obsolete and you only add a few extra years. Leave this model for people under 20, and find the jeans that will flatter your figure.

5. Continue to buy teenage clothes

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

With age must change the style. You should not continue to wear what you were going to 16 or 20 years. Jeans with rhinestones and t-shirts with toon not make the look younger, and will only reinforce an age contrast. In the most simple jeans and t-shirt without prints, you will look young and cool.

6. Wear your obsolete socket

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

Glasses have become a stylish and useful accessory that can adjust facial features to your advantage and spoil the whole image. Designers offer a variety of modern alternatives to the classic models, so pick up a stylish frame, which will adorn you, is not difficult.

7. You have long straight hair

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

Long straight hair emphasize age-related changes of the face. Prefer stylish short hairstyles. If you are not ready for radical change, it is also suitable for layered haircuts that make your face look rounder and younger.

8. Prefer peach nail Polish

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

Nothing betrays age like the hands. Purple, peach and pearl pink color is very profitable off your skin, adding age to his hands. To create and manicured young hands better to give preference to glossy white, razbelennye pink (and all the shades that will visually lighten the skin) and adhere to oval shape and medium length nails.

9. Correctly apply blush

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

All have heard many times that the blush should be applied on the apples of the cheeks. But this rule is valid only for very young girls. With age, the shape of the face begins to “float”, and this blush will only emphasize it. Better apply blush on the upper cheekbones, blending the line almost horizontally: this method will create a lifting effect.

10. Use bronzer all over the face

Стильные ошибки, которые сильно старят. Фото

Bronzer on the nose, forehead and chin emphasizes pores and adds age. Apply bronzer in the shape of the numbers 3, starting from the middle of the forehead through the temple on the cheekbone, then moving along the jaw line to the chin. So you will emphasize the dignity of his person and will look rested.

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