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Strange habits of famous scientists. Photo

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. ФотоWe all have our quirks.

The authors of scientific discoveries – of the individual, as a rule, unusual and eccentric. And perhaps because of this, and had made many scientific discoveries which have enabled humanity to make a breakthrough in various fields.

1. Hennig brand, an alchemist from Hamburg (1630-approx. 1710)

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

Often scientific discoveries are completely unpredictable and unexpected. That is so random, Hennig brand discovered phosphorus.

In medieval times almost all alchemists were obsessed with the idea of getting gold. And though their attempts to find the “philosopher’s stone” was not successful, one of them managed to perpetuate his name as the discoverer of a new chemical element. He was a German Hennig brand.

Building on his wife’s money, the laboratory, brand has decided as a substrate for gold to use the urine as it too has a Golden color. Buying it in large quantities (several tons) in military barracks began to work – began to evaporate. After this procedure, he turned the thick liquid that he was subjected to double distillation and then ignited without access of air with sand and charcoal. As a result of all these manipulations formed a white powder, which glowed in the dark. Brand called this intermediate with phosphorus (light-bringer). Further attempts to turn powder into gold nor to no avail.

But an unusual luminous powder became interested in society, and enterprising brand began to sell them at a price more than gold, revealing the secret of its receipt. But later, deciding that it was unlikely long to keep this secret, and sold the technology.

2. Isaac Newton, English physicist (1643-1727)

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

Exclusive concentration in scientific matters often coexists with extreme absent-mindedness and forgetfulness in everyday life. Than just not doing Newton, when he was only 25 years; in physics – mechanical movement, the world gravitation, optics, mathematics – differential and integral calculus. Brilliant intelligence!

But his absent-mindedness in everyday life were legendary. Lost in thought, he was able to come the sight of her, he could forget that he had already eaten dinner and come for lunch a second time. And waking up in the morning without getting out of bed, often left to sit, staring at one point, sometimes it lasted until the evening.
One day he planned to cook myself a Breakfast egg, put the water on, made watch. Deciding to track time, found that the hours are cooked in boiling water, and hands him the egg. Here’s a scattered…

3. Andre Marie Ampere, French physicist(1775-1836)

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

But some incident happened one day with the Amp in the morning, long before leaving the house, he decided to leave on the door a note (in case someone unexpectedly comes to visit): “Lord! The amp is not at home, come out tonight”. But returned home early in the afternoon. And after reading the note on the door, went home, not even remembering that he wrote it himself. And it is Amps. Well, I forgot, it happens…

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

In the house-Museum of the ampere

4. Mikhail Ostrogradsky, Russian mathematician and physicist (1801-1862)

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

Once Ostrogradsky in the middle of the street suddenly dawned another interesting idea concerning mathematics. Seeing the dark and buy a Board, he immediately began to quickly write down their calculations and formulas. And suddenly, the Board where it went – it turned out to be a coach. Dumbfounded the genius ran after her asking to stop, shouting to the driver: “Wait! What’s the hurry? I am now!”.

5. William Buckland, British zoologist(1784-1856)

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

William Buckland’s skull hyenas

A graduate of Oxford, William Buckland was a famous scientist. Enthusiastically and successfully engaged in it Zoology, paleontology. But perhaps the great fame he earned for his eccentric and perverse voracity. He believed and insisted that there is almost everything. And arranged at home receptions, where the guests were offered exotic dishes – from hedgehogs, crocodiles, ostriches, dogs, Panthers.

Whether it really is or not, but they say once he even ate the embalmed heart of Louis XIV, which was in the custody of the Archbishop. Not even asking permission, Buckland snatched it from the box and ate it, saying that I’ve never tried Royal hearts. Interestingly, his father later went the son to organize a society of omnivorous people.

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

William Buckland lecturing in the Ashmole Museum at Oxford

6. Ernest Rutherford, British physicist (1871-1937)

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

Rutherford used to say: “it is Good that the experimenter whose results enrage theorists!”. And he really was constantly puzzled by them.

So, his epoch-making discovery of atomic nuclei has forced theorists to reconsider the existing traditional picture of the world, and formed the basis of all modern theories regarding the structure of the atom.

Rutherford did not really resemble a scientist – a rather large and awkward, but how much of it was energy and perseverance! In addition, Rutherford had an unusually loud voice, he spoke always like being on stage, three times louder than the rest. Once, when discussing the session broadcasts with his participation, someone jokingly asked: “why do we need radio?”.

Modesty has never been the hallmark of the scientist. When it came to his phenomenal ability to always be “on the crest of a wave” on the cutting edge of science, he immediately replied:”and why not? I caused a wave, isn’t it?”. Who would mind…
When Rutherford took employees to work, he first gave them the job. But those who, after completing it, came to me and asked what to do next – he immediately dismissed.

Students respected their teachers, but this has not prevented them to come up with various nicknames, the most popular of which was “Crocodile”. Sergei Kapitsa, a student of Rutherford, Nobel prize winner, explained he’s invented nickname: “This animal never turns back, and therefore can symbolize reservoirdogs insight and rapid progress”.

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

7. Fritz Zwicky, Swiss astrophysicist(1898-1974)

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

In the 1920-ies Zwicky moved to California Institute of technology. Constantly ignoring conventional wisdom, sailing against the current, he quickly made enemies among their American counterparts. And wonderful ideas born in his mind, especially concerning phantom “Dunkle Materie” (“dark matter”) was not understood and not taken seriously. Fritz stubbornly defended his ideas, but the scientific community ignored them for forty years.

Fritz was, and has remained in astronomy, lone wolf, and the attitude was very rude and only as “spherical bastards” they are not called. “Why? Yes, because no matter which side you look at him, he’s still a bastard. Okay?”.

“…empty-headed, just sycophants and thieves” who “don’t know how to love lone wolves, not like sheep”, “edit their observation, hiding the flaws that the majority of astronomers could not believe their flawed assumptions and interpretation of facts” and then publish “useless trash in puffy astronomical journals.”

In General, the colleagues got it from him…

Странные привычки знаменитых ученых. Фото

However, Zwicky was known as a big prankster. A serious scientist that has befallen many of the mysteries of neutron stars and “dark matter”, he could easily in front of everyone, did not hesitate to fall to the ground and start doing push-UPS on one hand. Here he was, this lone wolf…

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