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State of emergency in the area of the ATO officer was shot by a drunken military

ЧП в зоне АТО: офицер подстрелил  пьяного военногоA group of drunk military refused to obey the commander’s orders and behaved aggressively, say at the headquarters of ATO.

In the zone of ATU officer of one of the units used the weapon against a drunk employee.

This is stated on the staff page in Facebook.

It is reported that a group of drunk military members of the ATU refused to follow orders and behaved aggressively. Their behavior is, as noted, represented a real threat to the life of an officer. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Reacting to the situation, the commander of the unit, producing three warning shots into the air, then warning shots into the ground, shot in the legs aggressive drunken soldier” – say in the headquarters.

Wounded military took the hospital of the city of Bakhmut, where he established the diagnosis: “gunshot gunshot wound of the lower third of the right leg the bottom of my foot.”

“At the same time the doctors of the medical establishment testified that at the time of injury, the victim was in an alcohol intoxication, his blood was found of 1.29 ppm of alcohol,” – said the press center.

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