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Star marriages, disintegrated because of the novels with the nurses. Photo

Звездные браки, распавшиеся из-за романов с нянями. ФотоTheir marriage didn’t stand the test of temptation.

Marriage of course is a purely mutual, but for some reason, some men (and women) so hard to resist the affair on the side. Especially this sin of celebrity, but it is clear: the glory and the money circling his head, and, apparently, men’s the consistency they show, changing wives. Anyway, today we decided to tell you about 7 famous men who spun romance… the nanny of their children.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner

Звездные браки, распавшиеся из-за романов с нянями. Фото

Couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner always seemed exemplary. But some time ago, Jennifer began to complain to her friends that her husband is often lost outside the home, too fond of poker and generally lost interest in her. The last straw was having an affair with the nanny Christine ouzounian, who looked after three children of the star Alliance.

Ben and Jen were broken up, but the actor still convinced the wife not to divorce. But Christina continues to bloom and smell. She had her expensive things and she is resting on luxury resorts. Certainly not because Ben is all…?

Steven Seagal

Звездные браки, распавшиеся из-за романов с нянями. Фото

Steven Seagal has been married 4 times and divorced 2 times. How can this be? Now try to explain. Miyako Fujitani — Japanese actor’s wife. “Forgetting” about it, he got married in America on Adrienne of Larussa. When the Japanese learned of the news about the adventures of a husband, she filed for divorce. But by that time, Segal had already parted ways with American and were engaged to be married to actress Kelly Lebrock.

Kelly from Seagal had three children. To cope with them helped them nanny Arissa Wolfe, so much so that the youngest daughter of Stephen was named in her honor. Later it became known that Wolfe is pregnant from our hero, Lebrock filed for divorce. Seagal, of course, married the nanny. The fourth wife was Erdenetuya Batsukh, a dancer from Mongolia.

Mick Jagger

Звездные браки, распавшиеся из-за романов с нянями. Фото

The first wife of musician lived with him for 8 years and left, unable to withstand the constant change. Second wife Jerry Hall was with Mick for 22 years. The musician did not stop to change her, the affair had Affairs with Carla Bruni and Uma Thurman. Perhaps that is why Jerry did not pay attention to have an affair with Claire Hausman, nanny of their child.

As later told Claire Mick long tried to win her, and in a moment she gave up. Tired of the betrayals, Hall filed for divorce. In court she learned that their marriage had no legal force (!), as was concluded in Bali, where all the formalities were not observed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Звездные браки, распавшиеся из-за романов с нянями. Фото

In 2003, when the iron Arnie ran for Governor of California, rumors surfaced that he was cheating on his wife Maria Shriver, with whom he lived for 17 years. Then Mary decided to protect the reputation of her husband, and hearing hesitated. After some time, Maria noticed that the son of their maid Mildred Patricia Baena very similar to her husband. Calling the servant to talk, Mary found out that her husband is the father of this child.

Surprisingly, the father found out about this when my son was already 8 years old. For a long time he thought that the father is the legal husband of Mildred. But that’s not all! Joseph was born a few days late Christopher, son of Maria and Arnold. The traitor had long repented of my act, but Maria was adamant, and filed for divorce.

Ethan Hawke

Звездные браки, распавшиеся из-за романов с нянями. Фото

When their youngest son Levon was only two years old, Uma Thurman found out that her husband Ethan hawke cheating on her with a young model. Later he switched from the model of a nanny Ryan Sohus. Thurman immediately filed for divorce. Hawk itself does not consider no shame in marital infidelities. He is sincerely convinced that all men are polygamous. With Ryan, the actor happily married for 9 years. I wonder if he changed his attitude to change?

Jude Law

Звездные браки, распавшиеся из-за романов с нянями. Фото

Jude law is known for its loving. With first wife Sadie frost, he broke up because of this. When he started a relationship with Sienna Miller, at first, the actor was nice and accommodating. But then on his way there was a nanny Daisy Wright, and all spun… Someone told Sienna about her lover affair with the nanny and fired her. Offended Daisy told reporters all about what they did with the Lowe. Sienna to handle failed and after the public humiliation of the adulterer’s broke up with Lowe.

Gwen Stefani

Звездные браки, распавшиеся из-за романов с нянями. Фото

In marriage, Gwen and Gavin Rossdale was all. For 14 years they fought, reconciled, but it gave birth to 3 children. Gwen turned a blind eye to the small affair of her husband, or rather, rumors about them. But the highlight was a photo published by the media, where Gavin and the nanny of his children walk together. Children in the picture are not visible, but seen as Rossdale holds the babysitter for the fifth point! Gwen like to endure could not, and a couple in 2016 divorced.

Of course, the minute the affair is not worth family and marriage. But, for example, cheating Ethan Hawke uma Thurman the resulted in marriage with the nanny, which he is happy for 9 years. Maybe all for the best? What do you think?

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