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Smart watch MyPads I77 BAND Q4 – guarding the health of your heart

In Russia presented a new smart watch MyPads I77 BAND Q4, can not only show the time but also take care of the health of the owner. This is both a chronometer and a personal trainer, and even a cardiologist, as this little device is hidden a number of features for exercising and monitoring the heart.

In domestic retail watch tracker MyPads I77 BAND Q4 can be purchased for 3561 RUB with delivery across Russia. They are optimally suitable for both children and adults, are actively involved in sports and elderly people who have certain problems with the heartbeat.

Design and ergonomics

Smart watch MyPads Q4 I77 BAND is made in black color, very practical – they won’t get dirty during outdoor sports. The strap is made from hypoallergenic material that allows you to use the clock without exception. Metal clasp for secure fastening on the wrist.

The body of the bracelet has a slightly curved shape to be fixed stronger on the hand is also done to maximize the fit of the rear surface of the housing to the arm for the most accurate reading of the heartbeat. The screen is much elongated is allowed to add more information while keeping the device compact. He, incidentally, is in color for optimum output. Sensors to measure ECG and PPG are located on the lower part of the body, and the side displayed a large power button.

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Medical functions

Bracelet I77 Q4 MyPads BAND allows you to track heart rhythms in real time, but unlike all sold in Russia devices of this kind, only on the classic heart rate sensor it not supposed to. Instead, it allows you to measure not only pulse, but also an echocardiogram (ECG) and photoplethysmogram (PPG or PPG).

What is the ECG, known if not all, then many, and of FPG – less common technology, but it is equally useful and effective. In fact, this method of recording blood flow with a sensor of infrared or light radiation, and a photoresistor or phototransistor. If ECG determines the frequency and regularity of heart rate, FPG needed to measure the volume pulse of blood, caused by periodic changes in blood volume with each heartbeat, heart rate and heart rate variability.

In other words, one small device allows you to always know how your heart is, and whether it is subjected to high loads. That is, with the help of MyPads I77 BAND Q4 to protect the heart and thereby improve the quality and increase life expectancy.



screen: touchscreen OLED, 0.96 inch, 128×64 pixels;

– wireless modules: Bluetooth 4.0;

wired interfaces: microUSB 2.0 for charging;

– work with smartphones: Android 4.4 and later, iOS 8.0 or later;

notifications from a smartphone: calls, email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Instagram, Vkontakte;

– battery: non-removable, Li-Pol, 100 mAh;

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– battery life: 5-8 days in standby mode, 2-4 days in the active mode;

– fitness functions: calorie counter, counting steps and distance, a reminder of inaction;

medical functions: monitoring blood and blood pressure;

– housing material: plastic;

– case color: black, black+blue, black+red;

– unit dimensions: 20х43х12 mm;

– weight: 25 grams;

– band material: silicone;

– strap length – 260mm, strap detachable;

features: protection against water and dust IP67.


Synchronization with smartphones

MyPads I77 BAND Q4 can connect to your iPhone and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. The clock will transmit all the data in the corporate application “Care for me”, available in stores Google Play and App Store. It is free, has an intuitive interface and allows you to not only track performance in real time, but also keep the history and create on its basis the analysis – for example, you can track the number of steps done and distance, to the convenience of counting the calories burnt and most importantly, to monitor the condition of the heart at different points in time.

Information from the app you can also show personal trainer or doctor, but it should be noted that MyPads I77 BAND Q4 is not a medical device – in the case of serious violations of the heart must use professional equipment in specialist clinics.

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