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Sergey Pritula boasted its popularity to “hitari” about Putin. Video

Сергей Притула похвастался популярностью своей "хитяры" про Путина. ВидеоThree years ago a showman, together with the participants of the show “Var yati” for the first time he sang the famous song.

Comic song about the Russian President Vladimir Putin, performed by the famous Ukrainian humorist and showman Sergei is Perched, flew for about a hundred of Ukrainian cities and is very easily perceived by the audience.

This itself Pritula wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Prytula, three years ago, he along with Vladimir Žogla first performed a kind of a cover of a famous Soviet song that has become a hallmark of the show “Var yati”.

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“Three years ago, inspired by the charge ultras sitting in my kitchen, we Žogla navayal song on a very famous motif. Thought that was funny. It turned out that and hityaru. Well, at least when I heard the boys in the yard play the guitar, I realized that “riveted” something, if not durable, and fun. Today felt… 92 cities, where this song sounded from the stage,” wrote the entertainer by posting a hilarious video.

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Users of online video considerably raised the spirits.

“Each time it is in the companies playing and singing still! All funny, all like,” – admitted one of the subscribers Prytula.

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