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Sega Genesis Gopher 2 – a new console for old games

There is a perception that before the grass was greener, the trees taller and heartier game. Of course, modern video entertainment can boast realistic graphics, thoughtful story and the immersion, but it’s been a quarter century since the advent of consoles Sega and Dendy, and many people not only remember about your favorite childhood arcade kind word, but still enjoy playing them. It was in the “Tanchiki”, “Mario”, “Chip and Dale” and “Black cloak” is something that gladdens the heart not only of the players of the 90s, but modern gamers. But if the new games can be bought in any store, cartridges, and consoles available now is quite problematic.

Have the various emulators that enable you to run your favorite toys on modern computers, and ROMs with games will not be found in the network. But the modern pace of life more conducive to mobile gaming. Of course, you can put the appropriate emulator and on a smartphone, that’s just to play on the touch keys are uncomfortable, and the battery discharges quickly. But there is this situation: take advantage of special portable consoles, sharpened to running old games. Then you and already built-in emulators, and mechanical buttons, and optimized the hardware, not spending the extra milliamps. Finally, such devices are much cheaper than smartphones or tablets.

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Released three years ago, the Sega Genesis Gopher is a popular variant of this console, not devoid, however, of its faults. Fortunately, the developers have heard their users, and the redesigned Sega Genesis Gopher 2 appeared on store shelves. Innovations are many: increased screen ergonomics has improved, and most importantly, it is now possible to run not only games consoles Sega MegaDrive, but also with many other platforms. So when we had the opportunity to test the device, we did not think for a minute.

Sega Genesis Gopher 2 is Packed in a clear plastic box with a picture of the characters of Sonic games and an intriguing inscription that inside waiting for us already 500 pre-installed games. On the reverse side of the contact where you want to write, if you suddenly have problems. Inside is the console itself (with blue or orange accents), mini USB cable, charger, headphones and manual.

Compared with the predecessor, the design of the Sega Genesis Gopher 2 Ameno changed. The console became larger, primarily due to increased screen, thinner and more comfortable. Rectangular case made of black matte plastic with color inserts. Material pleasant to the touch and slightly susceptible to contamination. The case is lightweight (166 g), thin (15 mm) and durable. All transitions are smooth, the side pieces are thick and textured patterns on the back for a more comfortable grip. The build is surprisingly good quality-no squeaks, backlash and clearances in the connection details. Dimensions of the console allow you to carry it in jeans pocket.

Most of the front surface is a display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches. The aspect ratio here is 16:9, so games built for 4:3 format is slightly stretched. The screen resolution is 360×240 pixels, which by modern standards looks funny, but it’s enough to properly display games of that era. Brightness enough to play on the street, but if you deviate from vertical, the screen dims drastically. The display is covered with a protective film.

Because the screen is not touch, control “falls on the shoulders of” the d-pad on the left and the 6 round buttons on the right side of the screen. The buttons have different diameters, to avoid confusion, for the NES games used 4 of the 6 keys. Pressed clear, and the distance between them eliminates accidental pressing. Below the keys are “Menu” and “Start”. They are flat, and for depression takes effort. Also is the front speaker (left) and led (right), informing about the imminent discharge of the battery.

Now let’s move on the top face. Left and right are buttons. On the console menu, they regulate the brightness of the screen, during the game can be configured for any function. There is found a flat switch, enable/disable console, headphone Jack, microSD card slot, miniUSB connector for charging and the mechanical wheel to adjust the sound. For the work meets the processor Ingenic JZ4760. It is enough to ensure a fast startup and smooth performance of all games. Installed inside the battery capacity of 2000 mAh, which is enough for about 8 hours of continuous play. If this be not enough, you can charge the console through the PowerBank.

Menu is more intuitive and convenient. When you start the console, the left column displays the available consoles: SEGA, SuperNES, NES, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color. The d-pad to select the desired, press the “A” and go to the box on the right with a list of games for the platform, select what you want to play, again click “A” – starts the game, and if “B” – go back to the selection boxes. Indeed, all pre-installed 500 games, most of what played a typical child of the 90s. the Last paragraph in the left column – “memory Card” that displays the ROMs, recorded on microSD (supported formats .bin .gen .smd .nes .smc, .gbc .gba). By the way, this is the only way to run games that are not in the collection via the miniUSB is only charging. Card to 2GB will likely be enough for virtually all supported games (the average size of one NES ROM – 140 KB, Sega – 1.5 MB). Well, what to recode it is necessary nothing – game in all of these formats can be found on the Internet.

Another menu is called directly while playing, if you hold both “Menu” and “Start”. Here you can adjust the brightness and speed of the game, reassign keys, start over, quit the game or save/load the game. Yes, Gopher 2 can be implemented with a malicious cheat, which was lacking in the original consoles. For each game there are 7 slots for recording, in addition, automatically made a screenshot of the status screen to make it easier to navigate.

Two weeks of testing, was tested almost all the games sewn into the console, and a dozen downloaded from the Internet – no problems, freezes, and I have been. To play comfortably, not less convenient than on the original consoles. The speaker volume enough to play in transport, the sound quality is average, but you have to understand that the sound in the old games too, not Hi-Fi. Gopher 2 quick blows into the child, forcing to re-remember the forgotten the thrill of victories over the pixel enemies.

Sega Genesis Gopher 2 is an example of the correct evolution of the console. The screen is bigger and the ergonomics improved, added support for games of the Dandy, the menu was simple and intuitive and added Buttons. At the same time, remained unchanged strengths of the gadget – high autonomy, support more games, the smooth operation, availability of headphone Jack. The console will allow you to remember your favorite games without any cost, because the price of the console (3000 rubles) is comparable to the cost of one modern game. Sega Genesis Gopher 2 will be a great gift for children, friends and myself.

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