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Secrets Of The Holy Grail. Photo

Тайны Святого Грааля. ФотоChurch Bowl is considered to be a Sacred vessel and one of the main objects of worship.

How else, after all, the beginning of your it takes from the Chalice of the last Supper, which was Jesus and the communion of the apostles, and which eventually was lost. And still do not stop searching the most important shrines of the Christians is the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото


For the past two millennia, a mysterious chalice, the Holy Grail, the lost Shrine of Christendom, and excites the minds of people. Although not precisely determined, it existed in reality or not, because in the gospel about it there is no mention, Christians around the world believe that it was from that Cup the communion of the apostles at the last supper.

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

The Last Supper

And it Aromatase Joseph collected the blood flowing from the wounds of the crucified Christ, after which, for fear of persecution, took her from Ancient Judea to Britain, to Glastonbury Abbey, and hid there. Later the temple was destroyed, and the Cup disappeared.

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

The top of Glastonbury hill with its medieval Church tower

According to legend, near Glastonbury where Joseph Aromatase hid the Cup, there lived a king Arthur, with his valiant knights, and once they had a vision of two angels with the Holy chalice in his hands. The knights have sworn to find her, and as if even found, but again lost.

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

Knights of the round table. The Phenomenon Of The Holy Grail

And since then the search for the Cup do not stop. It is believed that the person of those who drink from the Grail, will be forgiven all your sins, and he will live long.

But don’t look for her? After all, according to legend, the bowl can see only people with a pure and bright soul, for everyone else it’s invisible.

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

And You will find the Grail, the Grail finds You…

The sacred chalice

The history of Bowls, one of the symbols of Christianity, as old as the history of the Christian Church. For a long time for the rite of communion is necessarily subject to special sacred chalice – crosses. The chalice is a round bowl with a high foot stand. The upper part of the bowl, like the heavens, symbolizes the heavenly Church and the lower Church of the Earth. Start your takes chalice from the last Supper, before using it normally bless

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

Vintage ecclesiastical chalice

Already in antiquity these bowls are trying to do, in accordance with the greatness of the most committed of the rite, of gold or silver. Over time their form has changed, the legs have become higher. Precious stones, colored enamel, enamel, chasing, engraving – all this was used for the decoration of chalices, sometimes they were made entirely of gold.

Although St. Sergius of Radonezh in Russia enjoyed the usual wooden chalice, believing that it is more consistent with the image of Christ.

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

Wooden chalice of St. Sergius of Radonezh

Began to adorn the chalices, depending on their ornaments and images of saints, scenes from the life of Christ, with no strict canons was not. However, the manufacture of such bowls are usually always tried to consult with the clergy.

The chalice of Antioch was found during excavations of the ancient city in 1910. Consists of two chalices: ancient domestic, made of silver, and later outside, the gilded openwork.

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

The Chalice Of Antioch. VI century or the beginning of VII century. The Metropolitan Museum of art. New York

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

Byzantine Bowl. Silver chalice with the image of figures of the apostles and of the cross, the beginning of the VII century

The Rhenish Cathedral in France houses the precious relic, which is a Golden bowl of the 12th century, from which, during the coronation communion of the kings accession to the French throne.

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

The bowl of the Cathedral of Reims, 12th century

For the Gothic chalices of the XIV – XV centuries. characterized by Cup in the form of a Tulip, multiblade base and enamel inserts.

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

Gothic chalice, a 14th century Chalice, Silver, gold, gilding, embossing, enamel the Chapter of St. Peter’s Cathedral, Rome

Тайны Святого Грааля. Фото

Cup made for the Church of St. John the Baptist in Salinas, Spain.

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