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Searches in the national Bank: there are new details

Обыски в Нацбанке: появились новые подробностиNBU staff voluntarily provide documents to the investigators.

Employees of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) seized the Bank documents in the investigation of abuse of officials in 2015-2016.

About it reports a press-Department service.

“Investigations are in the framework of criminal proceedings on the facts of abuse by officials of the NBU as its official position in the interests of third parties who are acting in collusion with officials of a number of commercial banks in violation of the law “On banks and banking activity” has committed acts that caused grave consequences to the public interest. We are talking about the period 2015-2016″, – stated in the message of NABOO.

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It is also noted that the staff of the national Bank voluntarily provide the documents to the detectives NAB and employees of Department of protection of economy of Ukraine, which carry out investigative actions in the building.

“The investigation on these facts the detectives NAB began in February 2017. Now none of the members of suspicion has not been reported. The investigation is ongoing,” – said the Agency.

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