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Scream: found a logical explanation for the oddities “!”-Polonskaya

Умора: найдено логическое объяснение странностям «Няши»-ПоклонскойScientist from Latvia pointed out the possible cause.

Oddities in the behavior of the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, the former so-called “attorney Crimea” Natalia Poklonskaya can be associated with a weathered her attack.

“This opinion was expressed by the Latvian scientist and journalist Sergei Talc in your Facebook.

“A friend of authorities said that in 2011, Poklonskaya was attacked in his house in Simferopol. Her badly beaten, suffered multiple blows to the head, causing her partially paralyzed face, although not very noticeable. Then she began to ramble about her husband and child, although it has neither the one nor the other. And then she fell in love with the bust,” he writes.

“God, so would immediately and said she head of tra*mentioned!” – added Talc.

Users sotsseti vividly discussing the post:

“To “head fuck” those who brought her. and she deserves an award: none of the Ukrainian so did not take revenge on Russia for the occupation of the Crimea as Crimean Prosecutor”; “Sin on a disease to laugh”; “After “bust zamirotochila” as would no doubt about it”.

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