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Scientists were able to photograph a previously unknown huge fish. Video

Ученым удалось заснять ранее неизвестную огромную рыбу. Видео Four-metre long creature had surprised experts.

In the Pacific Ocean, scientists have discovered a new species of large fish, called a four-meter creatures “Hoodwinker Sunfish”.

In particular, the discoverer of this species of fish called the student at Murdoch University in Perth, Marianne Nyegaard.

She began searching, analyzing genetic differences in more than 150 samples of fish, called the word “Sunfish”. So she found four different species, including three known: lanceolatus Masturus, Mola Mola, Mola ramsayi, and another that does not match the rest.

After finding photos online-photo galleries she’s finally found what he was looking for in 2014. After three years of extensive searching, confirming the existence of the species, her results were confirmed.

“The key to this mystery was a great mystery. “Sunfish are huge, mostly lonely and quite elusive, so you can’t just go into the ocean and get the fish to explore. They are difficult to study because they are scattered across the Pacific,” said, Nyegaard.

According to her, the Sunfish are the heaviest bony fish in the world weighing up to 2 tons. The largest specimens can reach four meters (14 feet) vertically and 3 meters (10 feet) across, weighing about 5,000 pounds (2270 kg). Sunfish are born with a back fin that never grows.

Ученым удалось заснять ранее неизвестную огромную рыбу. Видео

Earlier Japanese research group first discovered genetic evidence of the presence in the ocean of the unknown type of “solar fish” in Australian waters 10 years ago.

But to make a photo or video of this fish was not possible. Accordingly, the researchers did not know what she looks like. Only the researchers in Australia and New Zealand first failed to find direct evidence of its existence. In 2014, they pulled out of the ocean, tiny fish and found that, in their opinion, had a baby Sunfish that I was looking for a student of Neogard.

From time to time Marianne, Nyegaard traveled thousands of miles and relied on the kindness of strangers to record data on the fish samples they found on distant beaches.

The student said: “the Process that we went through to confirm the status of the new species, included the publication of birah back as the year 1500, some of which also included descriptions of mermaids and fantastical sea monsters. We repeated the steps of the early naturalists and taxonomists, to understand how such a big fish for several centuries remained unknown to scientists.”

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