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Scientists have shown the effect of tourism on human life

Ученые показали, как влияет туризм на жизнь человекаTravel experiences evoke a stronger emotion than the first kiss.

The impressions received during his travels, inspire the adoption of vital decisions: according to a study conducted by the service 13% of the respondents after the holiday has changed job, the same changed something in a personal relationship, and every fifth (21 %) of respondents moved into a brand new place.

Fresh experience associated with a journey, evoke stronger emotions than the first date (53% of respondents), first job (51 %), new friends (62 %) and even the first kiss (36 %). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Almost two thirds of respondents (65 %) admitted that traveling the “new” (for example, in a new country, city or in the new structure), they increase your confidence. Despite the fact that the thought of the next trip can be alarming, 61% of respondents said that most often these disturbances are groundless.

Respondents also reported that fresh experience in travel helped them to have a unique experience: 40 % of respondents met new people, 43% of steel to cook and try exotic dishes, and 29% have started to learn a foreign language and interested in cultures of other countries.

Many respondents (61 %) believe that the people who visited different places and tried to ride something new, interesting in communication, than those who travel little or not prone to adventure. 45 % of respondents noted that knowledge and skills gained in the journey, help to become more successful in your personal life and career.

People are also becoming interested in new types of trips 2017: volunteer programs (21 %), spiritual journeys (23 %), eco‑tourism (39 %) and travel by car (44 %) .

The survey, initiated by was conducted among 15 thousand of respondents in 20 countries around the world. The main conclusion made by the company States: experiences related to travelling — whether it’s a new stamp in the passport, a trip to an unfamiliar city or just stay “on‑new” — lead to positive changes in life.

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