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Schizophrenia? Vasily Stepanov was released from the hospital and told about the fall from the window

Yesterday it became known that the star of “Inhabited island,” the 31-year-old actor Vasily Stepanov, was taken to hospital with multiple fractures and contusions after falling from the fifth floor. According to media reports, actor Sam jumped out of the window of his apartment in Moscow. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Frame from the film “Inhabited island”

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Ex-girlfriend of actor, actress Daria Egorova shared with she saw him one last time before fall, when Basil broke his spine: “I last saw him a month ago, when he was in the hospital with a broken spine. And he was in a great mood. He did not lay, and sat quietly. Such injuries impossible to sit. So I already don’t believe in it. It comes up with his mother, that they again drew attention. Now I know whether he jumped out the window, but I doubt it. If this is true, he did it out of weakness. If a person commits a sin, then he is weak and doesn’t want to fight”.

The younger brother of Basil the Maxim Stepanov told about his condition to reporters “Brother was already discharged. He’s at home, though in a cast, it came to the precinct. Re-fracture of the pelvis, fortunately, no. A spinal injury he received in December, and she was healed. The important thing is that Bob is alive.”

Maxim added that his brother had no reason for suicide: “I can’t find an explanation for this. He’s strong, a real man. With the problems he could handle it. Fractures will heal before the wedding. When I found out that my brother fell out of the window, scared that he again broke his spine. Thank God, the spine is in order. Everything will come to normal, Vasya will start career. Will see he will recover, all will be well.”

Recently Vasily himself commented on his action: “I will not pushed… I’m fine Now, was put in plaster and sent me home… I’m Sorry that people disappoint, disrupted schedules, I have for may and April scheduled dosham in the movie “Taxi drivers” as well as the shooting in the project of Natalya Verevkina, where I was approved for the lead role… Sorry that this accident interrupted his preparation for the role”.

It turned out, the story has not ended — as reported after Stepanov was sent home from the hospital, he began to complain of chest pain. The ambulance crew noted the inappropriate behavior of Basil and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Stepanova was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital where he will undergo a long treatment if it will not take away relatives under their responsibility.

We will remind, after a stunning success in a fantastic painting by Fyodor Bondarchuk Stepanov became probably the most popular artist in the country. However, the glory played a trick on him: the actor stopped to get a role.

After a few years of vegetating in obscurity, the actor perked up and returned to the profession. More recently, talked about the fact that he re-visits the auditions and even gets suggestions.

But in December last year, there was a new tragedy — Basil broke his spine. During the cold weather and icy conditions, climbing the stairs, the actor slipped and fell. Doctors diagnosed a fracture of the hip bone and two vertebrae. Basil had to learn to walk again.

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