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SBU detained FSB agent in Odessa: there were scandalous details

СБУ задержала агента ФСБ в Одессе: появились скандальные подробностиThe detainee Tkachenko is an officer of the FSB.

To undermine the national security of Ukraine are trying to the South.

In Odessa, the counterintelligence of SBU found the Russian agent with the task of special difficulty to recruit operatives of the SBU. But the spy got himself into a trap. And, it seems, uttered on a diplomatic scandal because passed someone who supervised these spy games.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

SBU detained Igor Tkachenko. He is also the agent of “Winter,” agent “Graver”, a Russian citizen and a citizen of Moldova, a former head of communications of the Dnestr battalion of the so-called Transnistria, a former soldier units of the Russian GRU and a valid agent of the FSB and the Ministry of state security of Transnistria. He half his life working for the Russian FSB and the Transnistrian Ministry of state security (1995).

Hard to imagine what methods call “Winter”, trying to win over the enemy not just ordinary citizens, and active officers of the SBU. His task in Odessa was “to create conditions for recruitment.”

The old agent was paying literally pennies.

“Forty, thirty dollars,” says the agent.

The recruiter acted cautiously. Not in a hurry. During the year he came to Odessa, met with counterintelligence agents and recorded their conversations. And each time Odessa route agent of the “Winter” led to the Russian Consulate. Here he probably passed records. But the last time the visit of the Russian mission did not happen. And Tkachenko had carried the materials across the border himself.

“I was supposed to hand the device to the Russian Consulate. And the fact that I had to carry it across the border, you probably do not have enough technical means”, – said Igor Tkachenko.

On the video you can see how the agent crosses the border. The customs officer asked to make a Declaration of all electronic devices. The agent is lying that they are not. In a minute, firmly but quietly, taking him by the hand. Continues inspection. Physical evidence was found – the recorder, professionally hidden in the clothes.

“I had to hand (voice) to the Russian Consulate Shultseva. And because it is not proved, then he was taken to Tiraspol,” – said the agent.

Claims that repeatedly personally spoke with the acting Consul General of Russia in Odessa Jevgenijs Sultanim.

“The Consul – acting officer. They’re all acting,” says the agent.

He said that Schultz gave the recorder with recordings of potential traitors to the Russian security services. Their slang is called “send greeting”.

It turned out that not only spy game tied inconspicuous agent and the head of the Russian diplomatic institutions. In Odessa, under the roof of the Consulate General running established business for the sale of Russian passports.

“He was communicating directly with the Consul by Sulavik. They were connected with corruption schemes, according to which citizens of Ukraine through Shultseva and Tkachenko received citizenship at the Russian Consulate in Odessa”, – said the officer of counterintelligence of SBU.

The Consulate had received forged documents. Bogus statement about the alleged Russian origin of those who wanted to have a passport of the Russian Federation. The agent said the Consul General promoted a false paper. Money is going through Tkachenko.

“In chişinău, pay a lot of money to thousands of dollars to get into the Russian Consulate in Tiraspol. And here in Odessa it’s worth $ 250,” says Tkachenko.

While one of the participants in this spy-corruption Duo is already in jail, the other is covered by diplomatic immunity. Counterintelligence said that the revitalization of Russian agents in Odesa. Therefore, to abandon the “pearl of the sea”, the Kremlin is not going to.

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