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Russia wanted to disrupt the concert of the famous musician

В России хотели сорвать концерт известного музыкантаThe actor complained of a lawlessness of militiamen

The leader of group “the Time Machine”, Andrei Makarevich has told his followers about how in Nizhny Novgorod tried to disrupt the concert. About the artist announced on his page in Facebook.

According to the artist, the security forces said that in the concert hall of the bomb, but later it was found and performance was held. “Forty minutes later in the hall showed some movement, me on stage was handed a note – got a call about an explosive device, it is necessary to declare an intermission for 20 minutes and recheck the room (before the concert it was already checked). Announce intermission (of course, about the bomb word), the audience is lead out to the street and riot police cordoned off the hall. Guys with dogs twice again, go around the room and happily report that nothing was found (who would doubt), now they will sign the act and return the audience to the hall. It takes 10, 15, 20 minutes, nothing happens, all the staff took the phone and on the individuals they have strict and solemn expression. Turns out, waiting for the orders of the chief of police of the city. And we are waiting for. And 800 spectators on the street, which are warming up, singing our songs and to go will not want. Finally, after half an hour there is a strong man claiming to be chief of police of the city (I his words – his name was not called and the certificate is not presented.) Uncle reports that the dog has found the desired object (this is called a – sat). Where, what subject? “None of your business” – said Makarevich.

Recall that Makarevich said that Russia has lost the joy of the annexation of Crimea. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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