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Russia throws his army in Belarus

Россия перебрасывает свою армию в Беларусь100 thousand green men, 10 thousand pieces of equipment and more than four thousand wagons to carry all this.

Russia is in full swing throws the army in Belarus.

The official version appears to be the military exercises “Zapad 2017”, which the Kremlin called defensive. In the West it is called working off the attacks of Vladimir Putin to Poland or the Baltic States. In Ukraine announce about preparations for the invasion on the Belarusian border.

Military exercises “Zapad” of Belarus and Russia held every two years. They are by turns on the ground two allied States. But this year it turns special attention, because the West realized that Putin’s Russia is the main threat to world security. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Officially, the maneuvers will involve only 13 thousand soldiers. This figure in the Kremlin was not chosen randomly. Because such a large number of players to invite to the teachings of international observers is not necessary.

Meanwhile, NATO estimated that the maneuvers will attract about 100 thousand soldiers and officers. And in the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine did claim 25 thousands of personnel and 10 thousand pieces of equipment.

“When Russia invaded Crimea, it was against the exercises. When they broke into Georgia, it was after the maneuvers. Their history is full of examples where they do not adhere to any contracts”, – said the commander of the US army in Europe Ben Hodges.

Officially announced eight landfills, but in fact, the exercises will stretch across the territory of Belarus. The US and NATO maneuvers are considered not only as a threat to the Baltic States and Poland.

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