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Russia: large bowhead whale stuck in the mouth of the river

Россия: крупный гренландский кит застрял в устье реки The length of the whale is 13 meters.

A captive whale has caused a big interest among tourists on the island.

During the night tide at the mouth of the river on the island of Great Shantar in the Russian Federation stuck in 13-foot bowhead whale.

The life of a mammal is under threat, because neither turn around nor go to the lake, a huge and powerful animal can’t.

“What to do, how to get him back in the sea – is not yet clear”, – is spoken in the message of defensive organization.

In connection with the management of “Conservation of the Amur river region” is holding consultations with many experts on the rescue of marine mammals. At the same time, the employees of the national Park are trying to assist the whale in place, pouring it with water during low tide.

“At low tide, when the whale is dead in the water, the state inspectors operating in island national Park “Shantar Islands” take measures to hydration of the animal, sent fire fighting pump”, – informed on the website.

It is noted that the captive whale aroused great interest of the tourists who at this time on the island.

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