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Russia is ready to beat back potential US invasion with drones & jets, Moscow’s military scientists claim in new conflict analysis

In an article published on Thursday by the Russian Air Force Military Educational and Scientific Center, four academics at the aviation training institute in Voronezh laid out plans to repel a putative American assault, using combined strikes from warplanes and drones to take out enemy vessels.

In the document, the authors stated that any Russia-bound assault could be destroyed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) before the enemy even touches down on the country’s shores. Additionally, radio beacons will be used to illuminate targets, as well as anti-vehicle mines and small caliber rounds that would destroy boats and any aircraft on the decks of warships, allowing time for ground forces to deploy. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Russian-US relations have worsened in the past week after Washington said it wanted to expel 300 Russian diplomats over an embassy row. On Wednesday, NATO decided to send home eight of Moscow’s representatives to the US-led bloc in response to alleged undisclosed espionage.

The news comes in the wake of a string of recent announcements about the latest developments and upgrades of Russia’s military equipment. On Tuesday, the country’s largest weapons manufacturer, the Kalashnikov Group, reported that the new-and-improved Chukavin sniper rifle has passed its final stages of development and is set to replace the current less-powerful Dragunov rifle.

In September, during the Zapad-2021 exercises, Russia unveiled combat robots which, controlled from afar, are able to destroy tanks without risking the lives of ground forces. Other new developments include the Zircon hypersonic missile – successfully launched on Monday from a nuclear submarine for the first time – as well as the S-500 surface-to-air missile system, the T-14 Armata main battle tank, and the TOS-2 Tosochka heavy flamethrower.

Russia is also positioning itself as a key player in the market for UAVs. In July, developers revealed a new attack drone model that can carry a range of armaments including both unguided and targeted bombs to destroy fortified emplacements, as well as tanks and armored personnel carriers.

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