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Russia has threatened Google with a court

Россия пригрозила Google судомRussia wants to resume the work of the Google Play in Crimea.

The Russian authorities do not exclude the possibility of litigation with Google Inc. to remove sanctions against the annexed Crimea and resume work there the Google app store Play.

This information was published by the Russian newspaper “Izvestia”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As the newspaper notes, the FAS insists on the lifting of sanctions, citing the terms of the agreement signed with Google. Under the agreement, the Corporation must give the users of the Android system choice search engines “on the whole territory of Russia”, which the government classifies and occupied Crimea.

“For devices that are in circulation in Russia, Google will develop a selection window, which is when the next update will give the users a choice of search engines by default,” — said Deputy head of FAS Alexei Dotsenko at the press conference devoted to signing of the settlement agreement.”In case of default the terms of the agreement (with respect to Crimean sanctions – ed.) followed by a direct compulsion through the courts,” – said the press service of the FAS.

Google to comment on the situation refused.

As you know, updating the operating system Android is through the Google Play app store. However, after the imposition of U.S. sanctions on the Crimean Peninsula in early 2015 discontinued operation of Google Play and other services.

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