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Russia could take the non-occupied part of the Luhansk region in 2018

Россия может захватить неоккупированную часть Луганщины в 2018 годуThe occupation of new territory inevitably would have caused a deepening of the political crisis in Ukraine.

In 2018, Russia may try to seize the unoccupied part of the Lugansk region. All because the Kremlin is interested in the use of gas transmission infrastructure in Ukraine in connection with the restoration of the project “Turkish stream”, according to which gas will be supplied from Russia to Turkey and southern Europe.

This opinion on his page in Facebook was expressed by MP of Ukraine, coordinator of “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk.

He noted that the stable functioning of any southern route for transporting Russian gas is impossible without infrastructure located in Ukraine.

In particular, in the city of Novopskov (Luhansk region) is the second largest and significance of Ukrainian GTS gas hub … Before all of this infrastructure was part of the UMG “Donbasstransgaz”. The first thing that made the Russian invaders after establishment of a stable front line in the winter of 2015 – with the help of specialists of “Gazprom” took full control of the infrastructure “Donbastransgaz” in the so-called LDNR,
– stated in the message of Tymchuk.

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Therefore, beyond the control of “Gazprom” remains the only area in the North of the Luhansk region.

In addition, Tymchuk cited attempts of falsification of elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which took place in district No. 114. This district includes Belovodsky, Markov, milovs’kyi novopskovs’kyi, Slavyanoserbsky, Stanichno-Lugansk regions and part of the Novoaydarsky area.

“The opposition bloc” has in this region a significant impact on local councils. In the case of serious destabilization in Kiev (political crisis, etc.) Or worsening in other regions, there would have been played “Crimean scenario”: the separatist decisions of local councils with the subsequent introduction of Russian troops under the guise of “self defense”/”militia” – says Tymchuk.

He noted that the occupation of new territory inevitably would have caused a deepening of the political crisis in Ukraine that would allow the invaders to gain a foothold.

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But a year ago, thanks to the intervention of the security forces falsification in favor of the candidate from “Gazprom” has not passed.

“But this does not mean that the question is removed. After all, for the Kremlin, the problem is not solved, and time is running out. Run the “Turkish stream” in such conditions – therefore partly depend on the decisions of Kiev. Given the pressure that Ukraine is now doing on “Gazprom” it is unlikely that Russians will appreciate the perspective,” – said the MP.

At this point, the situation in the district is more or less stable. However, there is a risk that in 2018 Russia will make attempts of destabilization of a situation to capture this territory. That is, the rocking may begin in the fall. This can be timed to the presidential elections, because one “krymnash” is getting harder for Putin to leave, – Tymchuk summed up.

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