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Russia builds up armaments in Abkhazia

Россия наращивает вооружение в АбхазииRussia accumulates in Abkhazia weapons and equipment more staff occupation troops with the operational use of it in the hour H.

In particular, active movement of heavy equipment through the Abkhaz part of the state border of the Russian Federation with Georgia is recorded in the last week. Reported by the international intelligence community InformNapalm.

“According to our insiders for more than a week through the border checkpoint Psou (the Abkhazian part of the government of the Russian border with Georgia) relocating heavy equipment. This is mainly the latest modifications of tanks T-72B3, which is transported on the platforms of the cargo trucks”, – stated in the message.

InformNapalm volunteers also managed to find confirmation of this information in social networks: “social network Instagram found records of two independent each from other sources that within a few days have published photos of transport tanks from Russia to the occupied Abkhazia. The first photo (archive) a week ago and backed by the comment author with the hashtag “Nothing unusual, just the tank goes on a trip to Abkhazia. #Sochi#Abkhazia #tank”. The second photograph (archive) downloaded yesterday with the comment with the tags “Is on the border in the direction of Abkhazia. #Abkhazia #tank #Russia”.

According to experts, recorded on tractors tanks T-72B3 are not staff technology 7th occupation military base (in/h 09332, Gudauta, Abkhazia, Georgia), which is returned from the exercises at the location of the connection.

“Usually this process is organized and conducted by the railroad. This is most likely the additional military equipment that Russia throws in Abkhazia. The reasons are many, in particular the increased military presence of Russia on the background of the failed criminal of the tourist season in Abkhazia and the mass Exodus of Russians, as well as the escalation of the situation before the international military exercises of NATO in Georgia “Worthy partner 2017″ (Noble Partner), which will be held from 30 July to 12 August”, – reported in the InformNapalm.

Next to this, attention is drawn to the fact that for more than a year on the seventh Russian occupation military base in Abkhazia, the process of modernization and acquisition primarily on a contract basis. In particular, a partial replacement of the BTR-80 on the latest BTR-82A, T-90 tanks, which did not meet expectations, upgraded and cheaper to operate T-72B3.

“Interestingly, in open sources are often found evidence of import into Abkhazia of new military equipment and the output equipment of the information is almost there. We can conclude that Russia in Abkhazia accumulate weapons and equipment more staff occupation troops with the operational use of it in X hours”, – stated in the message.

Россия наращивает вооружение в Абхазии
Россия наращивает вооружение в Абхазии

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