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Revealed grisly details of the illness of Jeanne Friske

Вскрылись жуткие подробности болезни Жанны ФрискеThe father has revealed grisly details of cancer, which struggled Zhanna Friske. The singer suffered greatly.

7 APR 2013 Zhanna Friske gave birth to a son Platon. On 7 June of the same year, Jeanne’s father learned that the singer has a brain tumor. It all started with that Joan started to complain of headaches. And when he was in Miami, went to bathe and did not return. Then it turned out that she messed up the heaven and the earth. Jeanne had often gone to rest, dimmed room curtains. As was the case when she tried to put Plato to sleep, holding him upside down.

Jeanne fell into a swoon. The most terrible that in these moments, according to Vladimir, it “strongly mangle” and the doctors feared that she will break his spine. So Jeanne began to communicate.

In new York, found a very expensive drug, which Jeanne helped. So much so that she began to disintegrate the tumor. As explained by Friske, surgically remove the tumor it was impossible — she was too far away and there was a risk that after the surgery, Joan “become a vegetable”, says Vladimir. This drug miraculously worked on the singer.

Vladimir advised Dmitry Shepelev to consolidate the success and to invite the assistance of the Director of the Institute of Virology, but the broadcaster refused. And two months later, Jeanne began a relapse. Friske said that when the daughter could no longer speak, she asked someone to look after Plato. And Jeanne chose her friend Olga Orlova.

According to Friske, at the end of life Jeanne realized what kind of man Dmitry Shepelev. When he came (as you said Vladimir, in the two years leading was with her 56-60 days), Jeanne turned away, her quickened pulse.

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