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“Rehabilitation of Putin”: the Ukrainians tough postebalsya over the Russian President

"Реабилитация Путина": украинцы жестко постебались над российским президентомNetwork laughs at the request of the Kremlin to the American journalist.

First you work on the name and then the name for you, goes the popular aphorism.

However, depending on who is in what direction worked like a “galley slave”.

In the old days, Vladimir Putin was called a Teflon President. In that wonderful sense that whatever crap in your life, GDP is not created, and all of him like water off a duck. However, the number of “glorious deeds” of Vladimir Putin in Chechnya, Beslan, the Donbass and Aleppo finally start to go to the sign svoeobraznogo “quality”, and international. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The journalist of Fox News channel, bill O’reilly during a call with U.S. President Donald trump called Putin a “murderer.” Donald jonovic it is very kind of stood up for the Russian President, saying that murderers and America has enough. Thus admitting that essentially agree with the journalist.

The Kremlin would want O’reilly on deaf ears. Not for the first. In the end, a couple of weeks earlier, Senator McCain called the master of the Kremlin “thug” and “murderer.” But true, Putin’s press Secretary Peskov has decided that it is time to demand from the American journalist’s apology. Thus the world press, at least twice, obstacolele topic Putin-the murderer. And the “apology,” O’reilly, the Kremlin was not pleased.

“The Putin administration in Moscow demands that I, a humble reporter, apologized. I’m working on these apologies, but it may take some time. You can ask about it in 2023”, – said the journalist. Perhaps O’reilly vdohnovlaet classic story of Hodja Nasredin, which, as you know, in 20 years, promised the Sultan to teach a donkey to talk. But probably in another case.

… 2023-the year the courtroom in the Hague, Dmitry Peskov rises from the dock and says: “I would Like to note that the fact that the Russian President is a criminal, my efforts have been recorded many times repeated in the world press in 2017. Please, Your honor, to take this into account when passing sentence to me…”

But the thief dearer to me than a bloodsucker,

Once wrote the great Brodsky.

In the world mA’am, that Putin-the murderer,

Trump island, silent Russian people.

And Putin again suffer sand,

Yes, the “Mustache” would be better silent

Only milliony repetitions of the word,

Of GDP in sorrow.

Yes, the murderer Putin is true,

And even for the world like a stamp.

From the Hague to Salekhard

Just don’t blame it on trump.

© 2017, paradox. All rights reserved.

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