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Regina todorenko secretly got married in India


Fans of Regina Todorenko was shocked by the news that leading “eagle and tails” secretly got married in India! Information about this appeared on the pages of the account transfer to Instagram.

“Did you know that in Kolkata Regina got married?” intrigued bloggers, the creators of the show. However, some fans of the actress have already found the opportunity to watch live online and talked about their experiences.

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Did you know that in Kolkata Regina got married? All the details coming soon on inter channel tomorrow at 10.00 am, on channel Friday at 19.00 13.03.17 #orisirisi #13сезон #storyid #Kolkata #India #regeneradora #wedding #kolkata #india #wedding

Publication of heads and Tails (@orelireshka_official) Mar 11 2017 8:27 PST

“Just look about Calcutta. All matters were postponed, can not be separated. You guys are mega cool. Regina marries tree! As always, gorgeous and funny person,” he revealed all the cards of one of the fans of Regina (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

And it’s not far off release about Calcutta. The city that some want to erase from the face of the Earth. But we have researched this Indian region and totally against such terrible thoughts. Yes, it’s dirty, Yes, it is hard, but it’s the Indian mentality, they do not change, the country is not to redraw again and sew. Everything in it is balanced and goes on. I love India with Its abundance of colour, with happy smiling people and Bollywood! India is the bright paint on the world map. #beginauthenticate #regeneradora #reginatodorenko #orisirisi #Kolkata Photos @d.mulenko

Publication from regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko) Mar 10, 2017 8:21 PST

It turns out that in Calcutta Todorenko passed the rite, which helps Indian girls to get rid of celibacy. When girls have certain obstacles to marriage, they are married… for a tree! In fact, such obstacles itself is the date of birth of the unfortunate: in India believe that there is an adverse periods from the point of view of astrology. Marrying a girl, strongly to suffer and be a man. Then the girl and married to a tree, and then her “wife” cut down, performing a prediction. Now she can once again get married for real!

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