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Quiz: what kind of gems will bring you luck in the new year

Тест: какие драгоценные камни принесут тебе удачу в новом году

Best friends of girls, as you know, diamonds. But is it really? Take our test and find out which gemstones will bring good luck to you.

Since ancient times ladies have been guided not only its taste, but also the lunar calendar and horoscope when choosing jewelry with precious stones. It was believed that the right stone is able to provide harmony in life and to associate their owner with the spirits responsible for success and prosperity.

A well-chosen ornament could easily be an amulet that would protect her from the evil eye and other dark mysteries. However, we, of course, not the ancient sorcerers, but also something about the jewels know. Rather pass the test. It will help you to make your amulet for this year.

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