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Putin was faced with a new problem

Путин столкнулся с новой проблемойIn Russia, predicted the next difficulties for Putin.

The U.S. reaction to possible new chemical weapons attack in Syria will largely depend on the resonance in the media; Russia’s reaction to possible new missile strikes USA against Syria could depend on whether the affected as a result of such strikes by the Russian military.

This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist Igor Yakovenko.

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Answering the question whether a new attack and a new response, he recalled that in fact such an attack was already. We are talking about a bomb with chlorine, which on 12 April was thrown from the helicopter to the city Carfit. “Chlorine is the most ancient chemical weapons that were used during the First world war. It’s not as dangerous as sarin, but still deadly,” explained the journalist.

He estimated that “if there is repeated the same chemical attack with the same victim, to exclude the re-kick trump’s pretty difficult.”

However, Yakovenko drew attention to the importance of the lighting of a crime in the media. “We live in a world where a parallel reality and media reality plays a greater role than physical events.” In this context, he recalled that the chemical attack in Syria was covered very well. So was “people with cameras”, human rights activists and doctors, who “analyzed what happened and documented, in fact it is established”. “Not only US intelligence, which maybe not all trust, but absolutely independent people found that it really was sarin gas that it was attack from the air, and not a warehouse”, – said the journalist.

“If that happens, then I think Trump would be very difficult to avoid attack,” he suggested.

In his opinion, the Kremlin may face a “difficult choice” if the result of the American strike killed the Russian military. “If next time someone from the Russian soldiers will suffer from a us attack, I believe that Putin will be a very difficult choice. Because last time after a knife in the back from Erdogan Putin looked rather pale – responding to a knife in the back, it was limited to tomatoes,” said Yakovenko.

At the same time “with trump’s all right – it is in this case absolutely a win-win situation”, – said the journalist.

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