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Putin blasted the Network for its “Patriotic” recognition

Путин взорвал Сеть своим «патриотичным» признаниемThe Ukrainians found another reason to laugh.

Russian President Vladimir Putin amused and angered users of the network, in his speech during the celebration of the “National unity of Russia”.

Video of the speech published correspondent Dmitry Smirnov on his Twitter page.

“Respect for the Motherland and rejection of outside pressure – our genetic and cultural code,” he said of Putin.

The network users immediately noted that in a luxury room there are almost exclusively representatives of religious denominations and political elite of Russia.

“Under a richly laid table, glass of wine is equal to an annual salary of a worker, you can talk about the genetic code”, “Look on the holiday of unity of the worker, peasant!!! The Jews, priests and members! Whom it says it all!?”, – outraged commentators.

Users have also called “genetic code” Putin “stealing, rudeness, violence and negligence”.

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