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Poland started looking for the train-the Ghost of gold

В Польше занялись поисками поезда-призрака с золотом The train can be quiet and hidden.

According to one version, the train is in the area of 65-th kilometer of the railway wrocław-wałbrzych.

The search for “gold train” will resume in Poland on Thursday, 27 November, experts with the help of special equipment will begin again the study of the likely location of the “burial” of the whole.

The “gold train” in Poland called the train length of about 150 meters, carrying precious metals, in particular gold. The train at the end of the Second world war left the German fortress of Breslau (now Polish Wroclaw) in Walbrzych, and then mysteriously disappeared.

Scientists and treasure hunters repeatedly expressed the assumption that the train can be hidden from the Soviet air force in one of the tunnels, arches which collapsed in the bombing. According to the version of civil society XYZ, which deals with the composition, it is in the area of 65-th kilometer of the railway wrocław — wałbrzych.

“We are looking for rail infrastructure. Looking for the train that moved in here (into the tunnel)… This lineup couldn’t stand on the tracks. Must be either a short stretch of tunnel, which played the role of a seeker, or was a tunnel into which the train moved,” said one of the searchers Peter Koper.

Last year search engines were excavated on the site of the alleged location of the train, but they were not successful. The experts say that before the excavations the area was examined by specialists with the ground-penetrating radar, the results of the study allegedly show that under the earth there are “anomalies” that may indicate that in this area there is an underground tunnel.

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