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“Perfect citizen”: laughing over the “Dropcam” Morrice

"Идеальный гражданин": в сети хохочут над "ДНРовцем" ДжигурдойNetizens harshly potrollit outrageous artist.

Recently the number of “citizens of Donetsk people’s Republic” critically decreased. The remnants of 50 years of the “Bandera” in his native Kramatorsk main singer “people’s Republic”, Joseph Kobzon caused the “young state” vile attack lower back — lie that he has no nationality “power,” Zakharchenko.

However, the rapid reduction in the number of “citizens” their courageous act tried this week to stop the famous Russian actor-“intellectual” Nikita Dzhigurda.

Dzhigurda got in Donetsk “DNR passport” and are moved by the feelings said: “I am proud to become a citizen of “DNR”.

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Now they, along with pop-rastegai Ivan Okhlobystin became a kind of front man “of the Republic.” Note that both characters could work as a live AIDS somewhere in the Institute of Serbia or in the hospital Kashchenko for students studying a variety of clinic psychiatric disorders.

After all, this is a special art of the Country in which scrapie is always the Country where the myrrh-streaming even busts, “DNR” is changing at least!

“Republic” in the size here with the house, And “Doctor Bull” in that room there. There is a “passport” is issued instead of the reference To “citizens” of the ward number six!

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