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Paradise vacations: the best resorts in the Mediterranean

Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря10 of the most famous Islands in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean sea is one of the warmest on the planet, and get to the resorts in a short time. Rambler/Travel looked to the most famous Islands and share information, where and what should go, to arrange a dream holiday. Really, where — at the glamorous Capri, Ischia curative, toy Santorini, Ibiza or club on the legendary island of Crete?

Only you can decide.

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Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

On the largest island of the Mediterranean sea over the last couple of millennia, who not only had the species — siculi, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, vandals, and East Goths, the Vikings, the Franks. Now its beaches occupy ordinary tourists, divers, windsurfers, kiters. And the beaches, these are some of the best in Europe, and the most popular are resorts, cefalù, Taormina and, of course, Giardini Naxos. Active guests are not bored: in Sicily, diving, Windsurfing, kite surfing, ride bikes, climb on the Etna and go Hiking in the scenic surroundings.

For gourmets here expanse on the island are working without a break for Siesta and cafes, and easy tratorria serving local meals arancini and swordfish. And local home-made wine at a very humane prices you can drink directly from the jugs on the street.

Of the attractions of Sicily, the first number is the majestic volcano Etna, the second — scenic volcano on a small island of Stromboli, whose famous plume of smoke can be seen almost always, day and night.


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

It was here, in Crete, according to legend, the Minotaur lived, and today make great wine, olive oil and receive numerous tourists. Fortunately the sea is warm, the beaches are excellent, and the hospitality of the locals sometimes knows no bounds. Resort center of the island, Hersonissos is in the summer and in early autumn takes tens of thousands of people wishing to bask under the warm sun and relax on one of its gorgeous beaches, as well as to break away at discos and bars that the city is full of. Another famous local resort of Agios Nikolaos, which is smug the Cretans referred to as Saint‑Tropez. Here cozy coves with clean beaches, plenty of cafes where speciality coffee is poured with ice water, lots of pedestrian streets with shops and Souvenirs shops and the stunning waterfront.

Once on Crete, you should definitely go to a small island of Elafonisi, with the pink and white beach, the color of which comes from coral chips mixed with sand. One more obligatory point of the program of Crete, the ruins of the Palace where according to legend lived the terrible Minotaur. By the way, close to another Mediterranean pearl — island‑volcano of Santorini — where to go at least one day.


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

If you ask the average European, where is the earthly Paradise, he will say, in Mallorca. The largest island of the Balearic Islands meets year round and there are great beaches with soft sand and a huge amount of entertainment for children and adults and sights at every step. Do not be limited to the bustling capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca, although this beautiful city with its interesting architecture, endless shopping possibilities and nightlife not want to leave. Should continue, to Kan Pastilla, which was chosen by surfers (in winter, the coast gets waves), or in one of the favorite places of Agatha Christie, Port de Pollença. And can and does go to the wild beach of es Trenc, which is often compared to the white sand beaches of the Caribbean sea.


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

In Sardinia there is a place for everyone — millionaires, divers, windsurfers and just those who want to bathe and swim in the crystal clear water and relax on the luxurious local beaches. Most importantly, you should know that not all hotels, and entertainment are prohibitive road, on the famed Costa Smeralda, where there are villas Abramovich and Berlusconi. The beaches here for every taste, as in the Metropolitan area of Cagliari, in the North of Alghero and Baia Sardinia. From Baja, by the way, convenient to Maddalena archipelago, the coast of which sail whales and dolphins. On of the island’s nightlife is legendary, almost all the resorts along the quays chain stretch with bars and nightlife.

The best way to consider the Sardinia in all its glory is to hire a car and get ready for a dizzying ride on the roads, offering fabulous sea views and natural landscapes: high-rise construction is prohibited, with a maximum of three floors, even for hotels.


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

The Paradise and “puppet” Greek island as if specially created for fans of exemplary guests. The beaches here are, and what: semikilometrovaya Perissa with black sand, and also quite “wild” Red beach, of course, with red sand. Nearby is the small island of NEA Kameni, where you are still “working” volcano, which increases the ambient temperature. The island of Santorini, by the way, is also of volcanic origin, extremely popular. Toy houses on the hillsides by the sea is the best proof. In the capital, Fira, and smaller towns full of restaurants and bars which are poured homemade wine and the food simple but very tasty food. If you’re going to spend more than one day, we recommend you to chose and get to the Jazz festival (1-23 August) and the Festival of volcanoes (19 August), during which organises the amazingly beautiful fireworks.


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

The Spanish island of Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands and has long been known as a Mecca for lovers of club music and dance of separation. But his beach‑resort life a little bit in the shade, which is weird because there are plenty of opportunities for a great holiday. By the way, the beaches here are vast — from the noisy to the conservative family, where you can also windsurf, ride on a catamaran or Snorkelling, even a water Park here. Well, being in this dance Paradise, are places at legendary club Pacha? Or at least the legendary Café Del Mar, where party-goers greet the dawn under the cocktail Tequila Sunrise?


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

The island Spa and the medicinal springs are not inferior to its neighbor Capri for glamour and luxury hotels. And for those who want not only to swim and sunbathe, but also to improve the health and here is expanse. Local beaches are far better than the Capri — they are long and with Golden sand, the bottom of most small and smooth, so it often attracts families with young children.

The highest peak of the island is the extinct volcano Epomeo, such a beautiful and alluring that hotel rooms overlooking it are not less than the sea. And the most popular architectural attraction is the ancient Aragonese castle on the rock, harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape. This is one of the symbols of Ischia along with the “mushroom” rock of Lacco Ameno.


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

Malta — a tiny island country South of Sicily, which, it turns out, you can not only learn English, but also to sunbathe, swim and even go scuba diving or just snorkel. I must say that the beaches are not very large, as around the rocky shore, but the sea is warm and clean and wanting to relax there is more than enough. The best beaches are in St Julian’s and Paceville. In these cities, the richest night life on Ibiza. Most hotels, shops and restaurants in Sliema and the beaches it is not worse than in the first two cities, but nightlife is not so sprightly in this slim suitable for older people. Well, and the nearby island of Gozo attracts not the beaches (they are not), but rather lovers of myths, because that is where according to legend, Odysseus met the nymph Calypso, in whose honor is named after the beautiful grotto.


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

One of the most Western of the Greek Islands is characterized by lush vegetation and breathtaking landscapes, which come from all over the world not just millionaires. The most noisy city of the island Corfu, where there is a beach with clear water and soft sand. In Corfu many hotels for every taste and budget, shops, restaurants and nightlife, bustling until dawn. For divers and families with children suitable Paleokastritsa with an abundance of secluded coves, good beaches with shallow water and rich marine flora. And aesthetes direct road to Peroulades — there at sunset during low tide basking on the background of the fanciful outlines of the rocks.


Райский отдых: лучшие курорты Средиземного моря

The island of sweet idleness, as it was called by the ancient Romans, southern Italian Capri beckons travelers more than a century. Here not as long as in Sardinia or in Sicily, the beaches, but the water is amazingly turquoise color. In the mountains and footpaths offering breathtaking views of the sea and the Faraglioni rocks unique. White yachts of millionaires are flooding season in the Bay of Marina Grande, Monte Solaro, where you can see the whole Bay of Naples, raises tourist cable car, and from the port of Capri to Anacapri at the Phoenician stairs strolling tourists. And of course, all eager to see the former Nymphaeum of the Emperor, Tiberia, Blue grotto with piercing blue water, which can be reached only by boat, as of old.

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